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Hyundai Z-Bar & XT Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are among the most important pieces of equipment a lot of businesses have, responsible for getting a massive amount of work done in a short amount of time. One of the best aspects of these machines is that they are incredibly versatile and let you accomplish a lot of different jobs. There are different models of Hyundai Z-bar & XT wheel loaders available, and they are ideal for a wide range of businesses that have different needs.

Before buying any wheel loader, take some time to consider the operating weight limit you need for your machinery and what style would be best for your business. Both Hyundai standard Z-bar and XT models use a Z-bar design, which is ideal for digging and having the power to push into materials, but it does have its downsides. If you are interested in a parallel linking design, which affords greater visibility, then consider a Hyundai Tool Master wheel loader.

Whether you know exactly the model Hyundai Z-bar & XT wheel loader that is perfect for you, or you still have a lot of questions, we are here to help. At Quality Fleet Service, we specialize in working with businesses to keep them going with the most powerful machines available. Our factory-trained salespeople and service professionals can make sure you get the right machinery and keep it running for years to come. Call or visit us today to see how we can help your business thrive.

Hyundai Z-Bar vs. XT Wheel Loaders

In general, Hyundai Z-bar & XT wheel loaders are very similar and have almost identical model numbers, but there are some very important differences between them. Primarily, the XT wheel loaders are extended reach models designed to provide additional dumping clearance, reach, and digging depth. They utilize the same z-bar design as the standard models, however, which make them ideal for digging and gives them the power to push into dense objects and draw out large bucketfuls of dirt or other materials.

If you are interested in Hyundai Z-bar & XT wheel loaders, then you should consider your reach requirements for your machinery. This includes not only how deep you might need to dig, or how far you need your loader to reach, but also your maximum dumping height requirements. If you have a container, you plan on filling with material from your wheel loader, then measure the height of its walls and pick a model that can reach it.

For example, the HL940, which is a Hyundai Z-bar wheel loader, has a maximum dumping clearance of 9-feet 1.7-inches, a 7-foot-height reach of 5-feet, and a maximum digging depth of 3.5-inches. By comparison, the HL940XT, which is the extended reach version, gives you a maximum dumping clearance of 11-feet 1.5-inches, a 7-feet-height reach of 6-feet 8.5-inches, and a maximum digging depth of 5.1-inches. You can see these differences can be substantial, so make sure you know what you need before you purchase any wheel loader.

Shopping for Wheel Loaders

In addition to the differences between Hyundai Z-bar & XT wheel loaders in terms of their reach, be sure to know your business’s other requirements to help you get the right model. In particular, consider the maximum tipping load that you need – the tipping load refers to the maximum weight a bucket or fork can carry on the front arm. In general, the standard Z-bar models have higher tipping load values than their XT versions.

You will see two numbers for any particular wheel loader: one indicates the maximum weight when going straight and the other for when the machine is turning. The Hyundai HL940, for example, has a straight tipping load of 23,060 lbs and a full turn tipping load of up to 19,842 lbs. By comparison, the HL940XT has a straight tipping load of 18,080 lbs and a full turn tipping load of 15,610 lbs.

As we saw a moment ago, you should consider the maximum reach you need for your wheel loader and choose a Hyundai Z-bar or XT wheel loader appropriate for your needs. You can also look at the standard bucket that comes with a loader and make sure it is large enough for what you need. A bigger bucket can move more material faster, while a smaller one gives you more precision. However, since you can swap out buckets or other attachments pretty easily, this should not limit your search for the right wheel loader.

Hyundai’s Industry-Leading Warranty

One of the reasons we are so proud to offer Hyundai Z-bar & XT wheel loaders to our customers is the impressive warranty that Hyundai offers on these products. All new Z-bar and XT wheel loaders come with a 3-year or 3,000-hour full machine warranty on them, with a 5-year or 10,000-hour structural warranty. You can also choose to extend the full machine warranty to 5 years of protection at any time while still under standard warranty coverage. This gives you an incredible amount of coverage for your investment in a machine and ensures your wheel loader will keep working for as long as you do.

Certified Support for Your Wheel Loader

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we are a factory-authorized retailer, so you get full warranty coverage on your Hyundai Z-bar & XT wheel loaders purchased with us, but we also provide on-going support for your machinery. Our factory-trained service technicians and professionals offer maintenance and servicing as necessary, including warranty repairs when needed. We use genuine factory parts whenever possible, which are covered by a Hyundai 1-year or 1,500-hour parts warranty.

You can bring your machinery to us for full service in our 15,000 sq.ft. facility where we are equipped to handle any task you need. We are open Monday through Friday, with weekend and evening hours by appointment, and our 24-hour emergency phone number is there for you when disaster strikes unexpectedly. We can also come to you for service, maintenance, and repairs offered on-road so that you never need to leave the job site to keep your machinery running.

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