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Hyundai Wheeled Excavators

Although tracked excavators might be more popular for a lot of applications, due to the power and performance they offer, wheeled excavators have their place in many industries too. Hyundai wheeled excavators are among the very best on the market and provide the perfect solution when you need the clearing power of an excavator in a situation where tracks are impractical. These machines are ideal for roadwork or construction, where you need to be able to take your machinery onto a paved road.

There are a number of different Hyundai wheeled excavators available, offering different levels of power and features that make them ideal for a wide range of applications. Figuring out which one you need is very important, not only to ensure you do not invest in the wrong machinery but also to get your work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a Hyundai wheeled excavator, you know you are protected with one of the best warranties in the industry, so you can get your work done with the peace of mind that comes with that kind of protection.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we are a licensed Hyundai distributor offering the highest quality machinery for your business. Whether you know exactly which model you need or you are still trying to figure it out, we can work with you to answer your questions and make sure you get the right one. And since we offer factory-certified service and repairs on your Hyundai machinery, you know exactly who to turn to when you need maintenance or have any issues for years to come. Call or visit us to put us to work for you today.

Hyundai Wheeled Excavators

Wheeled excavators from Hyundai represent a great option for clearing out debris and digging into tough terrain. Since Hyundai offers both tracked and wheeled excavators, however, you might wonder which option is right for you, or even why there are two options, to begin with. In general, a tracked excavator is often seen as the “standard” choice, and it provides a lot of power for digging and clearing out debris. The tracks allow it to work well on uneven terrain or on steep inclines, and these excavators have a low center of gravity for optimal performance.

Hyundai wheeled excavators let you go where tracked models cannot, which is to say they can go on roads and paved areas that would be damaged by the tracks on other excavators. That is the biggest reason to choose a wheeled model since you can drive them down a road and maneuver them into areas that you might not be able to reach with a tracked model. If you are still uncertain of which type of excavator is ideal for you, talk with one of our certified salespeople to discuss your needs and make sure you get the right machinery.

Choosing the Right Wheeled Excavator

Shopping for Hyundai wheeled excavators can be tricky because you want to make sure you invest in the machine that will do everything you need. Although there are not a massive number of options from Hyundai available, you still have your choice of quite a few models. Narrowing down your options typically depends on the specific needs you have and choosing the excavator that meets all of them.

One thing to consider is the maximum traveling speed of any Hyundai wheeled excavators you are interested in. If you know you will need to have your excavator use public roads on occasion, a faster model can be less of an obstruction and also helps reduce downtime. For example, the Hyundai R55W-9A has a maximum speed of just over 18 mph, while the HW140 can go up to 24 mph.

You should also consider how deep you may need to dig for the kinds of projects you do for clients, as this can vary from one model to another. The R55W-9A, for example, has a maximum digging depth of 11.5 feet and a maximum digging reach of just over 20 feet. By comparison, the Hyundai HW210 has a maximum digging depth of nearly 21 feet and a maximum digging reach of more than 32 feet. That is a big difference that can easily dictate which model you should choose from the available Hyundai wheeled, excavators.

Hyundai’s World Class Warranty

We are proud to offer Hyundai wheeled excavators due to the power and performance they deliver and how well they work for our commercial customers. Beyond that, however, the incredible warranty that Hyundai offers on their excavators means we know we are giving our customers the best level of protection possible. All Hyundai wheeled excavators come with a 3-year or 3,000-hour full machine warranty as well as a 5-year or 10,000-hour structural warranty.

If you want additional protection beyond that, then you can choose an extended 5-year or 10,000-hour full machine warranty. Unlike a lot of manufacturers that only offer this extended warranty at the time of purchase, you can choose to extend the full machine warranty at any time while it is covered by the standard warranty. That shows you how confident Hyundai is in the quality and performance of the equipment they produce.

Ongoing Service and Repairs

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we are not only a factory-certified retailer for Hyundai but also a certified service center. That means you never have to wonder or worry about where you should go when your Hyundai wheeled excavators need any kind of service or maintenance. We will be here for years to come to offer warranty repairs or maintenance for your excavators or other powerful machinery you have.

We use genuine Hyundai parts when performing a service or making repairs to ensure your original warranty remains intact. All Hyundai parts are covered by a warranty of 1 year or 1,500 hours of use, so you get peace of mind on all aspects of your equipment. If you cannot bring your machinery to our 15,000 sqft facility for repairs or service, then we can come to you with on-road maintenance. No matter what the weather is like or the conditions you find yourself in, call our emergency 24-hour phone number, and we will be there to get you back to work.

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