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Werk-Brau Accessories

When you are working on a job, few things are more important than having the proper tools and equipment to be able to get your work done. For simple tasks, this can mean simple tools, but for more complex and demanding tasks, the tools you need become a lot more complicated. At construction and other job sites, this often means having a large piece of equipment like an excavator, front loader, or another machine. This type of equipment, when paired with impressive Werk-Brau accessories, can make getting your job done faster, easier, and safer.

One of the reasons so many people choose and rely on Werk-Brau accessories is the impressive selection of different attachments they offer. For example, they have attachments for excavators of various sizes, front loaders and backhoes, and even couplers to ensure you can get their accessories attached properly. This makes it easy for you to identify what you need, find the right option to handle the task, and then pick the accessory that will make your life easier, and get the job done. These are powerful, durable pieces of equipment backed by an impressive warranty, so you know they are built to last and keep working as long as you do.

A Werk-Brau bucket is shown on a yellow excavator.

Impressive Werk-Brau Accessories

Having the right attachments for your machinery can make a huge difference in how quickly and effectively you can get your job done. Werk-Brau accessories include a wide range of different products that can let you tackle pretty much anything. For example, they have a number of impressive excavator attachments available, including several different buckets, so you can get the one that is right for the kind of work you need to do. They also offer buckets intended for special applications, like a trapezoidal V ditch bucket designed to help with ditch digging by grading the edges as it digs.

You can also get various attachments for front loaders and front backhoes, which can make life a lot easier at your job site. Several different rock buckets are available, such as a straight lip model designed for serious digging or loose rock, as well as a spade lip version that offers a bit more area for loose materials. A skeleton rock bucket is available, allowing small, loose debris to fall through while sifting larger rocks and rubble. This type of bucket is perfect for quarry work or on a job site where you need to keep materials of different sizes separate.

Not only can you choose from different Werk-Brau accessories that will work great for your machinery, but they are also available in a variety of sizes. You can get many of the same buckets for mini excavators, allowing you to find the right attachment to get your job done and fit your specific machine. And with other options like couplers, thumbs, and even some individual parts available, it is easy to get exactly what you need and hook it up to your equipment quickly.

A Werk-Brau Accessory loader bucket is shown on a gray background with the text 'wheel loader buckets, Four jobs, One Attachment. Consider it a done deal.'

Warranty Coverage You Can Count On

Not only are Werk-Brau accessories some of the most useful and impressive attachments for commercial machinery around, but they are also backed by an impressive warranty. You can often tell just how much faith a manufacturer has in its products by the kind of warranty they offer. When you see a 90-day or six-month warranty on a piece of heavy equipment, it tells you that they do not expect it to last very long. And while any machinery or attachment you have that you use for heavy work will eventually wear out, you want to know it will work for as long as possible and is worth its cost.

All of these Werk-Brau accessories are backed by a full one-year or 2,000-hour warranty, whichever comes first, so you can use them with confidence. Certain aspects of their accessories are not covered by their warranty, like the paint and finish or damage caused by misuse of the equipment, but these types of exceptions are pretty typical in the industry. Scraped off paint is not a flaw – it tells you that your machinery is getting used and should be seen as a mark of pride with commercial equipment. Just remember to use your equipment correctly and avoid neglect or abuse by machine operators; otherwise, the warranties can be voided, and, even worse, people can be seriously injured at a job site.

We are Here to Meet Your Needs

At Quality Fleet Service, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring your company succeeds by keeping your equipment and machinery in the best condition possible. At our 15,000 sq.ft. facility, we are fully equipped to help you with everything you need. Bring your machinery to us, and we can perform routine service, maintenance, replace parts as needed, and perform other repairs to ensure you can keep working every day. We are fully certified to work on a wide range of brands, including CAT, DEUTZ, and Isuzu Diesel.

Our facility is set up to make working on your machinery as easy as possible, with a 10-ton overhead crane and hydraulic lifts that allow us to access every part of your equipment. We use OEM diagnostic software, which lets us run tests and determine what might be wrong with your machinery using programs developed and approved by the original manufacturer. We use manufacturer parts whenever possible to ensure your machinery keeps running beautifully with the components intended for it by the people who made it.

Plus, if you cannot come to us, then we will come to you. We offer on-road and on-site service for your machinery all throughout the area, so no matter where you find yourself when something goes wrong and you desperately need some maintenance, we can help. With on-road service, we will come to you if you are by the side of the road in need of help: rain or shine, we will be there. Our on-site service means we will find you at any location or job site, to work on your equipment and get you back up and running again. We even offer exclusive 24-hour emergency service, so we can help you anywhere, at any time of day or night, to make sure you get your job done.

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