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Craig Accessories

Some companies that manufacture attachments for commercial machinery focus on just one or two things, specializing in only snow plow blades or stump grinders, for example. While there is some value to this approach, other companies like to offer a broad selection of different items so that they have you covered no matter what you need. When looking at Craig accessories, you will quickly find that they are in the latter school of thought. No matter what you are looking for or what kind of job-related problem you need a solution to, there is a very good chance that Craig has what you are looking for.

All of these options give you a lot of freedom to get the equipment you need from a single company, but it can also be a bit overwhelming when you are still figuring out your necessities. Fortunately, at Quality Fleet Service, we are committed to helping you with everything you need, including working with you to make sure you have the right machinery and Craig accessories to get the job done. Our knowledgeable salespeople understand the needs of your business and what others in your industry are using for similar tasks.

An excavator is shown with a Craig bucket and thumb that is about to pick up debris.

Craig Excavator Accessories

For a lot of businesses, an excavator is one of the most important pieces of equipment they own, but such a machine is only as useful as the attachments you have for it. Craig accessories include a number of excavator attachments, such as numerous buckets. These include open buckets, grab buckets, and a number of unique and specialized options. You will find trenching buckets, including models designed specifically for use with hard and frozen ground, as well as ditching buckets designed to quickly clear out areas and offer smooth grading.

A number of hydraulic thumbs are also included in these Craig accessories, with universal and more specialized models. Other excavator accessories include various types of grapples, such as pipe grapples and contractor grapples, as well as a ripper and frost tooth and even a snow plow for your excavator. A brush rake, land clearing rake, and tree stumper are also available, making excavator use in forestry and land clearing incredibly efficient.

Craig Loader Accessories

As you might expect, Craig accessories for wheel loaders include a large selection of different buckets, so you can get a design that perfectly meets your needs. These include an ejector bucket that is easy to load and unload in confined spaces, a closing boxer bucket, and a high-capacity general multi-purpose bucket. You can also get a gravel scoop that is perfect for placing loose material like gravel in precise locations, as well as a high tip bucket that is designed for use in high dump-height situations, like loading up a bin or high-sided truck.

There are also numerous non-bucket Craig accessories available for wheel loaders, such as a reversible backfill blade that is perfect for dozing large areas and a set of car body forks that is great for salvage and scrap yards. A couple of different pallet forks are available, along with a pipe grapple and a crane boom that can safely extend the reach of your wheel loader. For forestry work, Craig has log and lumber forks available, as well as a land clearing rake attachment and a log grapple for sorting and moving fallen trees and logs.

An excavator is shown using the Craig Accessory thumb which is closed on debris.

Craig Grader Accessories

Craig accessories for a grader include some impressive ground tools and snow removal attachments. They offer several different models of dozer blades, like a straight fixed blade and an angling blade, which are designed to make grading as efficient and precise as possible. For snow removal, their accessories are among the best in the industry, meeting guidelines set by the Department of Transportation and proving themselves every year against some of the meanest winters in the country. Craig offers a number of different models, including several impressive one-way plows, an incredibly rugged vee plow, and a high-speed one-way plow designed for highway use.

Craig Backhoe Accessories

If you are looking to get the most out of your backhoe, then there are a number of different Craig accessories perfect for the task. These include several different front buckets, such as a standard multi-purpose bucket and a light material bucket that is ideal for things like wood chips, sawdust, and peat moss. Craig also has a set of pallet forks available for use with your backhoe and a boom attachment to allow your backhoe to reach further. You can also maximize the use of your backhoe for snow removal with Craig accessories that include a hydraulic reversible plow, a massive snow pusher, a ventilated snow basket, and a folding wing plow for serious snow removal.

Craig Dozer Accessories

Craig also offers a selection of dozer accessories that are sure to make your workday easier. Their heavy-duty u-blade is perfect for rough conditions and harsh environments and can be customized to your business's specific needs. Craig’s landfill blade is ideal for sanitation work, offering extra-large visibility slots to ensure easy use in all conditions. They also offer a standard and high-wall wood chip dozer blade, perfect for moving wood chips and similar light materials over long distances quickly.

A closeup shows the yellow badging on a black Craig bucket.

Other Craig Accessories

There are also a number of other Craig accessories designed for specialized tasks and machinery. These include several different snow plows for tandem trucks, including an impressive reversible plow and two different next-generation one-way plows. They offer a pad-foot roller shell kit, which you can use to convert a smooth drum compactor into a pad foot without replacing your drum. Also, their pipe grapple for telehandlers is an efficient, light-weight option for moving pipes with excellent visibility using a telescopic handler.

Quality Fleet Service is Here for You

No matter what you are looking for, Quality Fleet Service is here to help you find it. Our knowledgeable and helpful salespeople can answer any questions you might have and work closely with you to find exactly the right equipment and accessories for you to get your work done. Whether you already know what you need or you are just getting started and looking for some direction, we can help your business succeed.

Plus, at our 15,000 sq.ft. facility, we are fully equipped to support you with service, maintenance, and repairs for your commercial equipment for years to come. We use OEM diagnostic software and factory parts to figure out what repairs your machine needs and ensure it is in the best condition possible. And if you cannot come to us, then we can come to you with on-road and on-site service to help you get back to work as quickly as possible. We even offer exclusive 24-hour emergency service to our customers, so if you have a disaster or need help on the weekend or the middle of the night, we can come to you and get you up and running again.

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