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Who Loves Wings? Quality Fleet Service, That’s Who

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If you’re anything like us, it’s 8:30 in the morning, and you’re already thinking about delicious chicken wings. Then again, you might only be thinking about them now that we’ve mentioned them. Either way, we’re all on the same ride now, so buckle up. Fortunately, those of you working in or around Worcester, MA, right now have access to one of the best ‘wing options’ around. Whether you prefer boneless or bone-in, regardless of whether you like drums or flats – or even if you just want a chicken sandwich or wrap – we’re about to make your chicken-loving dreams come true.

Welcome to Wings Over…

Having descended upon thirteen states and counting, the Ithaca, NY-based ’Wings Over’ franchise has taxi’d its way into the hearts of countless wing and chicken lovers. But in Massachusetts (especially right here in South Hadley), the chain has a special place in our hearts. First, is the fact that the institution was founded in nearby Amherst back in 1999. With its twentieth anniversary year winding down, Wings Over has endured growth, rebranding, and changes in leadership. And now it continues to persevere based around three measurable metrics:

Great People, Amazing Food and ‘Smileable’ Experiences

These are the values that have rested at the core of ‘Wings Over’ since former customer (and impassioned wing enthusiast) Dan Leyva seized the reigns back in 2017. Looking to reinvigorate the brand within a highly competitive space, he used that platform to form the experience he felt his customers deserved.

“It’s just a full experience in terms of getting great service from our front of the house, while still getting that fresh, amazing food,” Leyva had one told QSR Magazine. “That’s actually one of the biggest things we wanted to make sure we reinforced with this. Our food has always been fresh, made from scratch, by hand. How do we continue to showcase that and how do we continue to make that? One way is the fact that getting it fresh in the restaurant is always better than getting it delivered.”

We’ll talk more about the fresh menu and delivery options, but Wings Over does a great job of personalizing its experience in whichever city or college town a particular location calls home. It’s a great reason why the name works so well! After all, if you’re in Worcester, you’re looking for ‘Wings Over Worcester’! And Massachusetts chicken lovers can enjoy their ‘Wings Over’ experience in Boston, Chicopee, Framingham, Greenfield, Lowell, New Bedford, Somerville, Springfield, Westfield, and Worcester. That’s a lot of coverage, considering the modest size of the Bay State, but, at the end of the day, it all comes down to convenience.

Easy Ordering Too!

While some might debate certain advances in technology, it’s hard to debate the merits of how easy food ordering has become. Remember when call-ahead seating and curbside pick-up felt impressive? Well, app-based and online ordering trumps that in spades. Just type ‘Wings Over Worcester’ (or whichever location you plan to visit) into your browser, and Google will deliver you to the appropriate ordering site. You can specify pick-up or delivery, and set the time, ensuring that you receive the best Wings Over experience possible. The only thing that’s difficult (at least on this end) is that we’re still a few hours away from the 11:00 AM opening! Did we mention how much we’re craving wings right now?

A basket of wings from Wings Over in Worcester, MA, is shown.

But What About the Food?

Can you blame us for not wanting to start talking about the actual menu (at least until it got closer to ordering time)? All right, I suppose we’ve waited long enough.

It all starts with the wings. First, choose whether you want bone-in (drums & flats) or boneless. From there, you can start to build your order based on preset order sizes.

For drum & flat lovers, you can order as few as 10 (‘Puddle Jumper’). From there, you can opt for 15 (‘F-16’), 25 (‘B-1 Bomber’), 60 (‘B-17 Bomber’), or 120 (‘C-5 Galaxy’).

Prefer boneless? Based around baseline weight increments of 1/2 LB (the ‘DC-3’), 1 LB (‘DC-10’), 1.5 LB (‘Skymaster’), 2 LB (‘Stratocruiser’), 4 LB (‘Concorde’), or 6 LB (‘The Zeppelin’), you can choose whichever aviation-themed portion fits the unique needs of both your hunger and your budget.

Then come the countless flavors, both sauce and rub-based. From the accessibly-mild ‘Wimpy’ to the ‘Citrus Chipotle,’ there are over two dozen options that you can explore to find the perfect blend of heat and flavor for your palate.

And yes, there is also a selection of sumptuous sandwiches, wraps, salads, and sides (the Waffle Fries are a must) as well as the option of ordering half and full-racks of ribs.

Are You as Hungry as We Are?

Don’t wait any longer than you have to, to treat yourself to a ‘Wings Over’ experience. In fact, we’re placing an order for the QFS team right now.

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