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A Hyundai HL970 Wheel Loader is at a construction site near Springfield, MA.

What’s New from Hyundai

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Hyundai is one of the world’s leading names in powerful and impressive heavy equipment, and as the heavy equipment dealer near you, we pride ourselves on keeping up with what’s going on in the industry. While Hyundai might not be shattering too many expectations or making waves with crazy new designs, they continue to produce some of the most efficient and functional pieces of machinery out there. Every now and again, we like to check in to see what Hyundai is cooking up and pass that info along to make sure you know about all of your options.

Compact Excavators

Hyundai’s compact excavators are perfect for a wide range of industries and applications, particularly in urban construction. The small size of their excavators make them great for areas where you don’t have a lot of turning radius to work with. You can find Hyundai compact excavators with operating weights between 3,700 lbs, and all the way up to nearly 20,000 lbs. Their machines feature booms that can swing 75 degrees to the left and 50 degrees to the right, and some of them have zero-tail swing for improved functionality in cramped spaces.

Crawler Excavators

Of course, if you need something bigger, then as your heavy equipment dealer, we’d suggest a Hyundai crawler excavator. These beasts can handle incredible amounts of work and are ideal for heavy construction, road work, and moving a lot of earth. Operating weights for Hyundai’s crawler excavators start off at nearly 30,000 lbs and can go all the way up to over 200,000 lbs. These things are absolute monsters, but they can perform so much work you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

A Hyundai HX140L Excavator is at a condo construction site after leaving a heavy equipment dealer near you.

Wheeled Excavators

Although they only make a few different models, Hyundai’s wheeled excavators are a fantastic option if you need an excavator in an urban setting. The treads on crawler excavators can tear up pavement and are not good for working on roads or bridges. Wheeled excavators, however, are great for those kinds of jobs and can travel up to 24 mph to get from one job site to another. Operating weight on these models only goes up to about 46,000 lbs, so keep that in mind.

Z-Bar Loaders

Whether you need a loader for seasonal work like snow removal, or for clearing land at a construction site, Hyundai’s Z-Bar loaders are a fantastic option. They are designed for excellent overall performance and can clear out and move material faster than you ever thought possible. The largest Z-Bar loaders come with a 7.3 cu.yd. bucket, so you can get a massive amount of work done in a very short amount of time.

Tool Master Loaders

Hyundai’s Tool Master loaders are designed with parallel linkage on the bar to increase lifting capacity and improve visibility and load stability. If you need to keep a load stable, such as when transporting a pallet or something else that you don’t want to tilt, then a Tool Master loader is the way to go. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that only two models are available, and the highest operating weight on them is less than 35,000 lbs.

Single-Drum Rollers

Single-drum rollers from Hyundai are absolutely perfect for compacting soil and similar loose materials. They are available with either smooth or pad-foot surfaces so you can get the perfect equipment to meet your needs. Only four models are available: one of them has a 67-inch wide roller, and the other three have 83-inch wide rollers. If you’re not sure which kind of roller you should be using, come talk to us, and we’ll help you sort it out.

Tandem-Drum Rollers

Tandem-drum or dual rollers are ideal for working on areas that are going to be paved. If you do a lot of construction work involving parking lots, playgrounds, or roads, then a tandem-drum roller is absolutely essential. Three different models are available from Hyundai: one has a 39-inch roller, the next a 47-inch roller, and the last has a 49-inch roller.

A Hyundai HR30T9 Roller is driving on fresh pavement.


For clearing out rock, pavement, and other hard materials at a job site, nothing beats powerful Hyundai breakers fit onto a crawler boom. These breakers are ideal for mining applications, construction sites, and even clearing out locations for forestry service. Small, midsize, and large breakers are available from Hyundai, with a range of individual sizes, operating weights, and impact powers available within each category.

Hyundai’s Incredible Warranty

Any time we talk about what Hyundai has to offer as a heavy equipment dealer for New England, we have to take a moment to mention the incredible level of warranty coverage they offer. For example, excavators, wheel loaders, and rollers are covered by 3-year or 3,000-hour full machine warranties, while excavators and loaders are also covered by 5-year or 10,000-hour structural warranties. All Hyundai parts are backed by 1-year or 1,500-hour warranties too.

Best of all, you can extend the full machine warranty to 5 years or 10,000 hours of coverage if you want. While a lot of manufacturers offer extended warranties, with Hyundai, you can extend it at any time while still under warranty coverage – you don’t have to decide on it at the time of purchase.

Call or come visit us at Quality Fleet Service near Springfield, MA, to learn more about the heavy machinery lineup from Hyundai and to find the perfect equipment for your job.

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