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A Hyundai HX235LCR is digging in a gravel pit near Springfield, MA.

The Ultimate Guide to Hyundai Construction Equipment and Warranties

Posted on by Evan Riley
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One of the top industries that continues to thrive, no matter what happens, is construction. There is always something that needs to be built somewhere. Whether it’s a land escalation project, road repairs, or new commercial or residential buildings, you can rest assured that there is construction going on at any given time in America. We understand that with such a busy, continuous schedule, your team needs reliable construction equipment. That’s why a great warranty backs Hyundai construction equipment. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about purchasing new construction equipment and what kind of coverage you can expect from your Hyundai warranty.

Quality Fleet Service

Our business opened in 2005 and has quickly grown into the 15,000 sq.ft. facility that exists today. We currently offer a great selection of construction equipment, including Wheel Loaders, Excavators, and Crawlers. In addition to selling equipment, we are a full-service repair shop for heavy equipment and machinery. We are authorized to repair equipment from manufacturers like Scania, Perkins, CAT, Isuzu, Kohler Diesel, Deutz, and Kubota. If you visit or call us for maintenance or repairs on your equipment, we will make sure that it is working properly in as little time as possible.

Mini/Compact Excavators

Currently, we have seven different types of compact excavators available in our inventory. These models cover a wide range of power that can be used across many different industries. Landscapers, construction crews, snow-removal teams, and many other heavy-duty jobs can put these machines to good use.

Mini excavators have an operating weight range set between 3,700 and 19,290 pounds. They feature a boom swing that can move 75-degrees to the left and 50-degrees to the right. These high-performance machines can be used for many different types of work. If you need help deciding which model is right for you, get in touch with our experts here at Quality Fleet Service. We can help you choose the best equipment for the tasks you need to complete.

A Hyundai R35Z-9A is digging dirt with sun shining through the cab.

Wheeled Excavators

If you need to clean out debris from a specific area or dig through hard rocks, a wheeled excavator is a great option. While tracked excavators are good for digging, wheel models can get into hard-to-reach places that the tracked models can’t. Tracked models must remain on paved roads. Wheel models can go almost anywhere. The Hyundai R55W-9A wheeled excavator has an operating weight of 12,240 pounds, and it can travel up to 18.6 mph.

Crawler Excavators

For construction teams that need to break up some ground quickly, a crawler excavator is a solid pick. These nimble machines go unmatched for speed and efficiency. We’ve got two models in stock, and the operating weight ranges from 29,750 pounds to 206,570 pounds. They can be used for moving material, debris, and even the earth itself (or part of it, at least). If you need help choosing which model is right for your job, get in touch with us!


Sometimes an excavator isn’t enough. If you come into contact with a solid slab of rock, you will need a breaker to split it up into manageable pieces for the excavator to remove. We offer a wide selection of small, medium, and large breakers for you to choose from. If you have a mini excavator, a small breaker would mostly be a perfect match. Small breakers have an operating weight range between 253 pounds and 1,354 pounds, medium breaker range between an operating of 2,048 pounds and 4,773 pounds, and large breakers max out the operating weight scale with a range of 6,243 pounds to more than 12,401 pounds. You need to choose the appropriate size for the breaker to work with your excavator. Our experts are here to help!


Compaction rollers come in two different types. There are single-drum rollers and double-drum rollers, which can also be referred to as tandem-drum or twin-drum rollers. The single-drum model comes with one drum located at the front of the vehicle with two wheels at the rear. It’s the perfect machine for paving sidewalks, driveways, and foundations. Meanwhile, the double-drum roller has one drum at the front of the vehicle and another at the rear. This machine works best with asphalt for roads and parking lots.

Wheel Loaders

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we offer the Tool Master wheel loader. It’s a parallel model that is perfect for holding objects steady during lifting and lowering. It offers great load stability and operator visibility. Z-bar and XT wheel loaders are also available upon request. These don’t have very good visibility for the operator, but they are great for digging. They have the power to push through obstructions and pull out debris and other materials. If you want to dump materials into a container, just keep in mind the height requirements when choosing your wheel loader. You need to get one that can reach the clearance height of the container.

A Hyundai HL940TM is moving dirt on a construction site.

Hyundai Warranty

As you probably know by now, there are many different construction equipment brands out there. However, none of them can compete with Hyundai’s warranty program. This is one of the main reasons why we chose to be in the business of selling Hyundai construction equipment. We know it’s a major financial commitment, and we want you to have the best equipment available that will be covered if anything happens.

Hyundai construction equipment comes with a world-class, industry-leading warranty that others simply cannot beat. Coverage includes a full machine warranty for 3 years or 3,000 hours and a structural warranty for 5 years or 10,000 hours. This type of generous coverage is meant to provide you with security and peace of mind.

Taking things a step further, you can also opt for the extended warranty that pushes the 3-year/3,000 hour full machine warranty up to 5 years or 10,000 hours. You can add this extended warranty at any point while your original warranty is effective.

If that wasn’t enough, there is one more thing we need to point out. All of the Hyundai parts used on your construction equipment are covered by a 1-year/1,500-hour genuine parts warranty as well. This is in addition to the coverage we’ve already mentioned. That means if you need to have a part replaced, our Hyundai-certified technicians will OEM parts that are covered by this warranty. You can rest assured that we won’t replace any parts with off-brand pieces to cut corners or save money. We want your equipment to work well for as long as possible, and we don’t want you to worry.

Servicing Your Construction Equipment

If you need any type of maintenance or repairs done to your Hyundai equipment, our 15,000 sq.ft. facility is equipped to handle it. Using hydraulic and aerial lifts, our technicians can perform out-of-frame and in-frame engine repairs and services. We can even come to you if you have problems with a machine on the job site. Our 24-hour emergency support team is available to assist you at any time, on any day, and during any type of weather. We’ve got you covered!

If you want to learn more about our construction equipment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or visit us in person in South Hadley, MA. We look forward to working with you!

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