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The Hyundai HX145 Features Impressive Technology

Posted on by Greg Wiesen
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When considering a crawler excavator like the Hyundai HX145, technological features might not be the first thing you look at. After all, you’re probably more interested in things like its reach, digging depth, operating weight, and bucket capacity. As your heavy equipment dealer near you, we feel it’s worthwhile to take a moment and point out some of the other features you might not immediately check out. These things are not quite essential, but they can make the operation of your equipment easier, more efficient, and safer.

We thought it would be helpful to take a look at some of the impressive technology features that you can find on the Hyundai HX145. It’s worth pointing out, however, that these are not exclusive to this particular excavator. These remarkable technology features are standard or available on all of the HX-series excavators from Hyundai, which means you can choose the model that best meets your size and power needs while still getting great tech functionality.

Improved Instrument Display

One of the most impressive pieces of technology in the Hyundai HX145, and the rest of the HX-series, is the newly updated and improved touchscreen display. The new display is 8 inches in size, 15% larger than the display in previous models, and that makes it easier for the machine operator to use. The screen provides clear, concise information about fuel level, temperature, RPM, and other information to make it easier for your operator to use your machinery and remain productive. Overload warnings, alarms, and other customizable options all help boost operator efficiency and safety while using your equipment.

A closeup shows a screen from a Hyundai HX145.

Smartphone Integration

The HX-series also features a new “Smart Terminal,” which uses the Wi-Fi from the machine operator’s phone to enable a number of features on the HX145. This allows your machine operator to access navigation information, use the Internet, watch videos, listen to music, and more on the 8-inch interactive display through systems on their phone.

New Air Conditioning System

All HX-series machines have been upgraded with enhanced-capacity air conditioning and heating systems to ensure your equipment operator is as comfortable as possible. This includes an auxiliary heat capacity that is 15% greater than on previous models, to ensure your operator can remain safe and comfortable even in terribly cold conditions. It’s important that the person using your machinery remains comfortable and focused on the task at hand, rather than shivering and being distracted on the job. Additional venting has also been utilized to boost cooling for your machine operator, to ensure they remain comfortable and avoid overheating while working in the summer.

Variable Power Control

The new variable power control system helps boost efficiency by allowing your machine operator to choose from three different power modes. There is a Power mode that maximizes machine speed and power to get heavy work done quickly, a Standard mode that optimizes performance and overall fuel efficiency, and an Economy mode that boosts fuel efficiency even further and is ideal for light work. This makes it easy for your machine operator to adjust the HX145’s performance to match the task at hand and focus on productivity or efficiency.

A yellow Hyundai HX145 is dumping a bucket full of dirt at a South Hadley construction site.

Efficient Eco Gauge Function

Speaking of efficiency, one of the ways to boost your machine’s fuel economy is with the Eco Gauge provided as part of the improved instrument display. With this function, your machine operator can monitor fuel consumption in real-time while using your equipment and getting a job done. Your operator can even review past information saved from other jobs, so you can estimate what your fuel needs might be to perform similar work. Average and total fuel consumption, along with hourly and daily consumption, is also accessible, making it easy to track how much fuel your machine uses.

Hi-Mate Remote Management System

One of our favorite new features with the HX-series of machines is the Hi-Mate remote management system. This proprietary Hyundai system uses GPS-based software that allows you, and others you assign, to be able to track and monitor your equipment from anywhere in the world. You can view information about your machinery, including the performance and status of the engine, hydraulics, and electrical system. This helps save time and money by making it easier for you to keep track of service and maintenance needs, and even spot abuse or neglect by a machine operator before it becomes a more expensive problem.

We Understand the Importance of Technology

As your heavy equipment in South Hadley, MA, we are extremely passionate about different types of powerful machinery, including crawler excavators like the Hyundai HX145. We love seeing the new technology and features that equipment manufacturers include with their machines, as they make it easier for us to support our customers and for you to get your job done. Whether you are looking for a new machine or need service for your current equipment, call or come visit us at Quality Fleet Service today to discover everything we can do for your business.

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