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Hands are up at a concert in Hartford, CT.

Springtime Means Music in Hartford

Posted on by Evan Riley
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Welcome To Hartford

We love Hartford, CT, for a number of reasons, but one thing that the city does better than others is maintaining a solid music scene with a constant flow of performers of all genres playing live at one of our many famous venues. Springtime, in particular, is a great time to catch a show at some of our great venues with history spanning back to the 1930s that are still open today, hosting events on a weekly or even daily basis.

Some of the venues we tend to enjoy in Hartford include the Webster Theater and its second and smaller stage known as the Webster Underground. This is the perfect venue to catch a show when you’re in the mood for rock, metal, rap, and many more different genres. Both of these venues provide an excellent space to hang out and see some good bands. If you’re looking for a more tamer experience, preferably one with arranged seating, then we recommend the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts as a venue for you to witness some fantastic theater oriented performances. We have put together a list of a few upcoming performances throughout the springtime that you won’t want to miss at these three aforementioned venues.

Drake Bell Live at the Webster Underground

If you’re familiar with Nickelodeon programming between the late 1990s through the late 2000s, chances are you have heard about Drake Bell to some extent. Gaining fame on shows such as The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh, alongside a stable music career, Drake Bell has become an icon for his generation. After his tenure with Nickelodeon had come to an end, Drake found himself continuing his love of acting, and of course, his music. Since then, he has released another studio album and three separate EPs. In addition to his own tracks such as “Makes Me Happy” and of course, the Drake & Josh theme song “Found a Way,” Drake is also known for performing outstanding covers from artists such as Ed Sheeran, Vanilla Ice, and the legendary rock group Queen.

Drake Bell will be performing at the Webster Underground on April 15th, so make sure to buy a ticket before it’s too late! The Webster Underground is located within the Webster Theater at 31 Webster Street, Hartford. This is a great venue for this performance as they have a bar on sight and enough room to get a great view and dance along to some of Drake Bell’s hit songs. Tickets for this event only cost $18, and you’re sure to have a fun time, so we certainly recommend you check this performance out. There is also a package offer for this show that costs $100 and includes a meet & greet with Drake Bell and even the opportunity to take a selfie video with Drake that your friends are sure to be jealous of.

Black Label Society Live at the Webster Theater

A closeup of a guitar being played is shown.

For those looking for something heavier and a time to let loose and rock out, then we have to recommend you check out Black Label Society. Zakk Wylde, the former guitarist for the legendary Ozzy Osbourne, takes center stage as both lead guitarist and lead vocalist alongside his incredibly talented band of metal musicians ensuring this will be a heavy metal show for the ages. Songs such as “Fire It Up” and “Concrete Jungle” get the crowd going even before Zakk Wylde performs one of his world-famous guitar solos where he is known to walk through the crowd, sometimes even onto the balconies. Black Label Society formed in 1998 and since then has released a total of ten studio albums, two compilation albums, three video albums, one EP, and two live albums, so they have quite a backlog of songs to choose from when performing.

If you’re interested in checking out this stellar performance by Black Label Society, you’ll be making a trip to the Webster Theater located at the same address as the Webster Underground. The Webster Theater is the main stage of this venue and the main event room. Here you’ll find an intense amount of famous bands making annual stops at the Webster during tours as it’s one of the very best venues in the area. Black Label Society is coming to the Webster Theater on Saturday, March 28th, and tickets are $39 for the event. Any metal fan will not want to miss this, and you’re sure to have a good time.

Hartford Symphony Orchestra Live at The Bushnell

Understandably if you aren’t looking to dance or rock out and prefer a tamer performance, then we have to recommend you catch a live show by the absolutely incredible Hartford Symphony Orchestra. This orchestra holds special shows all year long, but one we’re particularly interested in is their “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Live” event that they’re hosting for the very first time. Fans of J.K. Rowling’s award-winning Harry Potter franchise and movie lovers alike will rejoice as the fourth film of the franchise is displayed on a gigantic screen, while the Hartford Symphony Orchestra sits in front, performing Patrick Doyle’s score. This is bound to be a performance Harry Potter fans won’t want to miss.

This spectacle will be performed at the Bushnell Center For Performing Arts on March 28th with both a 1 pm and 7 pm showtime. The show is expected to last around 3 hours with an included intermission. This is the perfect venue to witness the Hartford Symphony Orchestra perform at, especially considering the venue is 90 years old. Many shows are performed here by this symphony, all of which are bound to draw in a crowd, such as a live performance of “The Empire Strikes Back,” played alongside the film on the same massive screen on May 16th. This is another performance of theirs you will be sore to miss live at the Bushnell.

A conductor wand is in front of the orchestra.

Experiencing Hartford

In our historic city, we sure are treated to some incredible performances hosted at a wide range of venues going beyond the three that we have featured here. These venues are constantly posting announcements for upcoming shows that are bound to bring in a full crowd, so being connected to their social media pages are a great idea. You can always be in the loop about shows coming to the area and maybe even win free tickets to a show you want to attend. Whether it be a rockstar, famous band, rap legend, or pop artist, Hartford has them all, and their respective crowds appear by the thousands.

When you’re in Hartford this spring, make sure to keep an eye out for even more shows coming to our area. The music scene in Hartford is so diverse you are bound to find a show you can relate to. Among the many things you can do in Hartford, we’re glad that catching a good live performance to make everlasting memories is still at the very top of the list. Gather a group of friends and attend one of these shows this spring, and before you know it, Hartford will soon become your favorite place to experience all things music.

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