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Perkins diesel engines


Perkins Dealer Logo Being a leader in any industry is all about having the right tools to get the job done – and ensuring those tools can keep up with you and are always on-hand. For a lot of businesses in industries like construction, landscaping, and forestry, among their most essential tools are vehicles and equipment with powerful Perkins engines in them. While the engines that Perkins makes are among the very best in the industry, like any other mechanical equipment, they will eventually wear out and need maintenance. That is where we come in.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we understand the importance of your vehicles and powered equipment. No matter what industry you are in, you rely on your Perkins engines to keep working as hard and for as long as you do. As a factory-certified location, our expert technicians and service professionals can help keep you going with standard maintenance, part replacements, or repairs on your Perkins engine. Not only can we provide you with the very best service anywhere, but we are factory-authorized to perform warranty service. This means we can work on your Perkins engine while under warranty to provide you with peace of mind.

We specialize in pretty much any industrial application you can imagine, and our 15,000 square foot shop has all the tools and diagnostic equipment necessary to make a quick and accurate assessment of your needs. If you cannot get to us, then we can come to you with on-road maintenance and service, including repairs and part replacements, available for any emergency situation. That is how committed we are to providing you with the very best service possible and minimizing any downtime you experience while we get our work done. Here at Quality Fleet Service, we have the experience, equipment, and dedication to keep your Perkins engine running as long as possible.

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Factory-Certified Professionals

Your industrial machines and commercial vehicles are vital to keeping your business going, which is why you should only trust them to the very best. Here at Quality Fleet Service, our expert technicians and service professionals are certified by Perkins to ensure they know their engines inside and out. When you bring your Perkins engine to us, you can rest easy knowing that it will be properly cared for and returned in the very best condition possible. We are a Perkins-certified industrial distributor, which means we can help you with maintenance, repairs, and parts and replacements for your Perkins engine. You never have to worry about the kind of service you will get with us, nor that we will use the right parts and procedures when working on your equipment or vehicle. We use the proper diagnostic tools and equipment when working on Perkins engines to determine what issues are present or maintenance is necessary, and carry out that work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our status as a Perkins-certified shop with expert service professionals goes beyond the work we do and the tools we use. By coming to us, you get the peace of mind of knowing that your Perkins engine is in good hands and that your investment is protected. The work we do is all under warranty as long as the terms of your warranty are still good.

Warranty Coverage

Perkins offers some of the best warranties in the industry on their engines, so we understand that you want to protect your investment in your equipment. Since we are a Perkins-certified service center, we can perform work on your Perkins engine while it is under warranty without negatively affecting it at all. Some warranties include stipulations about how often maintenance must be done on the engine, which we can do on the proper schedule.

In general, Perkins engines have up to 24 months or 3,000 hours of operation of warranty coverage when sold as new, plus different parts within the engines can have varying terms of coverage. As a certified service center, we can provide all warranty service you need and use Perkins parts for replacements, to ensure your engine is in the best condition possible. Other service locations that are not properly certified can actually void your warranty when working on your Perkins engine, so only bring it to a location you trust.

In-Shop Service

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we offer maintenance, repairs, and other work on your Perkins engine at our 15,000 square foot shop. Although our standard hours are Monday through Friday, we do offer 24-hour emergency service to help make sure you can get back to work as quickly as possible. We offer welding and fabrication here at our shop when necessary, though we use a wide selection of official Perkins parts whenever possible to get the job done right.

We have hardware and equipment to handle pretty much anything you can imagine, including aerial lift equipment, hydraulics, and diagnostic software. We use factory-certified diagnostic software that ensures we can determine precisely what is wrong with your Perkins engine or what kind of maintenance is appropriate. Some other shops prefer to use generic software, while we rely on the software that manufacturers trust when they release their engines and equipment.

We even have a 10-ton overhead crane that we can use to lift your engine if necessary or perform any other work here at our site. Of course, if you cannot bring your Perkins engine to us, then we can come to you.

On-Road Emergency Service

Our on-road service is just one more way we make sure you are able to get back to work as quickly as possible. No matter what the weather is like or kind of conditions you find yourself in, we can come to you and perform maintenance or repairs on your Perkins engine. We bring our diagnostic equipment with us, to ensure proper work gets done, and all of our on-road service is also under warranty conditions.

We even offer 24-hour emergency service in extreme situations so that we can come to you any time of day or night and get your equipment working again. This might seem excessive, but to us, it is another way we can ensure you are completely satisfied and can use your equipment in whatever way necessary. At Quality Fleet Service, we believe that going the extra mile should be standard customer service.

Your Perkins Engine Specialists

No matter what kind of Perkins engine you have and what sort of equipment it powers, we are here to provide you with warranty maintenance, service, repairs, and parts whenever you need them. Whether you can bring your engine to us on a Monday afternoon, or you need us to come to you in a storm in the middle of a Thursday night, we are here for you. Our factory-certified experts have a tremendous amount of experience working on Perkins engines, and we will make sure you get back to work as quickly as possible.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader in terms of expertise, factory-certified equipment, and customer service. Keeping you in business is our business. Call us or come and visit us today for all your Perkins engine needs.