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Kohler Diesel Logo Stacked Vehicles with powerful engines are crucial in lots of different industries, from forestry and road maintenance to construction and landscaping. Many of those vehicles run on a Kohler diesel engine designed to provide powerful functionality day and night for many years. With any mechanical system, including a high-end Kohler diesel engine, wear and tear take its toll over time and parts ultimately cannot keep up with you. That is when you need a certified, factory-trained technician and service professional to keep your engine in good working order and get you and your vehicle back to work.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we are Kohler-certified with factory-trained mechanics and technicians able to provide the maintenance and work you need on your Kohler diesel engines. Whether you need standard maintenance performed or have a much bigger issue, we can help make sure your diesel engine is in the best condition possible. Since we are Kohler certified, our work is covered by your warranty, so you don't have to worry about the terms being violated. That is the peace of mind that only comes with taking your Kohler diesel engine to the best.

If you need us to come to you for on-road support, or you bring your Kohler diesel engine to us, we provide the best service anywhere. Our diagnostic tools are specifically tailored for working on Kohler diesel engines to make sure we figure out what is wrong quickly and accurately. Please note that at this time we do not work on Kohler gas engines, only diesel models. If your Kohler diesel engine is giving you any kind of trouble, then call us today and let us get you back to work.

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Kohler Factory Training

Whether you have a vehicle, generator, or anything else with a Kohler diesel engine, you know how important it is for getting your work done. The application does not matter; what matters is that you always have it there to rely on. Here at Quality Fleet Service, we understand how important that is, which is why our technicians have received factory training from Kohler. This training ensures they are the best they can be at working on your diesel engine.

While any shop can claim to know what they need to work on your engine, you should only ever choose a service center with factory certification to ensure the highest quality of work and attention to detail. As a Kohler-certified location, our technicians and service professionals not only know how to work on engines in general, but have specialized in select manufacturers. Their training makes them among the best around for working on Kohler diesel engines.

You might think you can do simple maintenance on your Kohler diesel engine because you work on your own vehicles. When it comes to your Kohler diesel engine, however, there is no room for mistakes and proper maintenance can be much more complicated. A gas engine in a consumer pickup and a liquid-cooled Kohler diesel engine are very different creatures. Your vehicles and equipment deserve the best care and maintenance possible, with the right tools and training to ensure things get done quickly and correctly. Downtime with your diesel vehicles or equipment is downtime for your business, and we know how disruptive that can be.

Diagnostic Tools and Support

Not only do we have the right training for performing maintenance and repairs on your Kohler diesel engine, but we have the right tools. That starts with our diagnostic software, which is designed specifically for working with Kohler diesel engines. We specialize in commercial products, like those from Kohler, which means we have the right software and equipment to diagnose issues in these industrial machines.

You would not take a heavy-duty pickup truck to your local bicycle shop for repairs. While they might be very good at working with bikes, they do not have the right experience or equipment for your truck. Similarly, you should not take a powerful and specialized piece of industrial equipment or vehicle to a standard garage. They might know how to work on a consumer vehicle properly, but commercial products like a Kohler diesel engine are not the same.

Our diagnostic software lets us figure out what is wrong with your engine quickly and accurately. This means less downtime for you and gets you back to work with minimal disruption to what you need to do. It also means that our technicians and equipment will not negatively impact your warranty coverage.

Kohler Warranty Coverage

As a Kohler-certified service facility, we are authorized to work on your Kohler diesel engine while it is under warranty coverage. We can perform maintenance as necessary to keep your warranty up-to-date, make repairs and replace parts as needed, and perform any other kind of work you need done. We work with Kohler to make sure we stay updated on their lineup of diesel engines, and to ensure we understand all of their warranty coverage and terms.

For the most part, a Kohler diesel engine comes with three years of warranty coverage with up to 2,000 hours of operation, which covers all parts and labor. We use Kohler parts when replacements need to be made, to ensure you stay under warranty. Spare parts on Kohler diesel engines are covered by up to two years and up to 2,000 hours of operation under their warranties. This can potentially vary from one engine to another, particularly Lombardini diesel engines, so make sure you look at your specific warranty coverage.

We can perform any maintenance or repairs you need under warranty because we are an authorized Kohler service center. All of our work will maintain your warranty, and we use Kohler parts. That way, you know your investment in Kohler is protected.

On-Road or In-Shop

Not only do we pride ourselves in offering the best factory-certified service for you, but we make ourselves available to you in whatever manner you need. If you are out at a job site and cannot bring your Kohler diesel engine to us, then we can come to you. We offer 24-hour emergency service no matter what the weather is like and can make repairs or replace parts on the road.

Whenever possible, you can also bring your vehicle or equipment to us at our 15,000 square foot service shop. We have aerial lift equipment, a 10-ton overhead crane, and diagnostic equipment here to handle just about anything you can imagine. Whether in-house welding and fabrication are necessary, or we simply need to turn to our large selection of parts on-hand, our service center is the perfect choice for you.

Get the Best Service for Your Kohler Diesel Engine

A Kohler diesel engine is an investment for your business, and we understand that. As a local business, we know how important it is to always be able to deliver on contracts and get work done as quickly and accurately as possible. That is why we focus so much on providing the best maintenance and service for commercial and industrial vehicles, particularly those with Kohler diesel engines.

Whether you need us to come to you, or you can bring your Kohler diesel engine to us, we are here to help. While we do not work on Kohler gas engines, our expertise and equipment are perfect for anything involving a Kohler diesel, and we provide 24-hour emergency and storm service whenever necessary. Call or visit us at Quality Fleet Service and let us help you get back to work.