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A man is holding a glass of beer he brewed at one of the local breweries in Massachusetts, near Southern New Hampshire.

Our Favorite Breweries in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire

Posted on by Evan Riley
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We’re all fans of trucks, tractors, and heavy machinery, right? Well, we have passions that go beyond the machinery industry… specifically, we like beer. So, instead of focusing in on our services, we decided to focus on our favorite breweries that are local to Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

Take a look at some of the stops you should add to your New England-wide beer crawl. Just be warned: we specifically like those businesses that allow us to bring our four-legged friends!

White Lion Brewing

If you’re a fan of throwing back beers and throwing beanbags, then White Lion Brewing in Springfield, MA, is the perfect spot. Located right near the CVS on Main Street, this beer lover’s oasis is the perfect spot for a quick beer or an all-night party.

There are plenty of games to keep you and your friends entertained, including a giant Jenga set and Connect Four. There’s also plenty of outdoor seating (which is appreciated during the summer months), and there’s a food truck to keep everybody full! There’s even a giant boot statue, providing some great photo opportunities if you’re traveling through Massachusetts.

Of course, last but not least, White Lion Brewing produces some of our favorite brews in the area. We suggest the Thunder Boom, a New England-style IPA that mixes a hoppy taste with tropical fruits. It is a treat for all beer lovers!

Navigation Brewery

Navigation Brewery in Lowell, Massachusetts, is the perfect spot for those who love beer, those who love innovative food truck creations, and those who love dogs! This brewery’s beer is top-notch, and you can save a couple of bucks on each pint by joining their member’s club. From dark chocolate porters to lighter raspberry ales, Navigation Brewery has a beverage for everybody.

What sets this brewery apart is the atmosphere. Navigation will always have at least one food truck in attendance, and they could be serving anything from gourmet donuts to empanadas to chicken fingers. Then, to really put it over the top, Navigation Brewery is happy to host four-legged visitors! Dogs are welcome at all times at Navigation Brewery!

A flight of beers is shown.

Budweiser Brewery

When most beer enthusiasts think of breweries, they generally envision those little-known brands that are located in cities or towns. Well, while this brewery may be in a random town, it certainly isn’t a little-known brand. However, we couldn’t possibly discuss the best breweries in this area of New England without focusing on the Budweiser Brewery.

Located in Merrimack, New Hampshire, this brewery offers plenty of activities before you even take a sip of beer. For starters, visitors can take an extensive tour through the entire plant, and they’ll get a full tutorial on the daily tasks of a Budweiser brewer. When the tour has concluded, you can head over to the stables and catch a glimpse of the majestic Clydesdales, an opportunity that isn’t readily available elsewhere.

Of course, when all is said and done, it’s all about the beer, and the Budweiser brewery has more than enough to go around. Try out any of the brand’s top offerings (including selections from sister brands like Shocktop). If you’re visiting during the summer, make sure you try out one of their delicious frozen “Ritas.” Then, once you’ve secured that beverage, order a pretzel, head out to the patio, or participate in a game of corn hole. There’s never a lack of activities when it comes to the Budweiser brewery.

Iron Duke Brewing

Imagine all of your favorite aspects of a brewery and then combining them into one singular business. That’s Iron Duke Brewing. This Ludlow, Massachusetts, brewery offers great beer and a great atmosphere, all leading to (you guessed) a great time.

The rustic building houses a number of alluring beers, including the brand’s own pomegranate offering. As you’re enjoying some of Iron Duke’s brews, you can chow down on literally whatever food you want; the brewery is BYOE (bring your own eats), so don’t be afraid to bring that takeout with you.

Best of all (you may notice an ongoing theme in a moment), Iron Duke Brewing is dog-friendly! You’ve got to try it!

Honorable Mentions

Massachusetts is a hub of great times, great places, great people, and great beer. While we might have narrowed down a few places based on our love of pets and brought up one of the more popular places, we have a few more places we’d like to recommend. While they might not all be pup-friendly, you are sure to grab a good drink, half a few laughs, and enjoy your time at one of these amazing locations:

Wachusett Brewery in Westminster, Massachusetts

Harpoon Brewery & Beer Hall in Boston, Massachusetts

The Outlaw Brewing Company in Winchester, New Hampshire.

Honest Weight Artison Beer in Orange, Massachusetts.

Tree House Brewing Company, LLC in Charlton, Massachusetts.

Those are our favorite breweries in the Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire area. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

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