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Hyundai HL955XT Wheel Loader

Net Power 197hp (147 kW) at 2,200 rpm
Operating Weight 15,775 kg (34,780 lbs)
Standard Bucket 2.8 m3 (3.7 yd3)
Hyundai HL955XT Cabin


  • Hydraulic Locking Front axle w/ conventional rear axle
  • Hi-Mate Remote Management System
  • Eco Gauge
  • Improved Bucket Fill Factor


  • Cab Comfort
  • Audio System
  • Heated Air-Ride Seat
  • Wide Touchscreen Monitor


  • Fully Sealed Engine Room with Tilt-Back Hood
  • Centralized and Easy Access to Service Points
  • Engine Air Filter with Increased Service Life
  • Initial Maintenance Interval

Whether your business is in construction, forestry, or a number of other industries, we are willing to bet that the equipment you use is vital to getting your work done. The Hyundai HL955XT is a perfect example of the kind of machinery that you might need for clearing large amounts of debris or loading up a truck with aggregate material. Whatever your needs for a wheel loader, the HL955XT is a great option that gives you excellent power, a solid operating weight limit, and a large bucket for handling a lot of material at once.

Figuring out exactly which wheel loader you need can be tricky, however, and it is such an important investment for your business that you certainly want to be sure you get the right one. Here at Quality Fleet Service, our knowledgeable salespeople will work with you to figure out just what you need and ensure you get the right machinery to handle any job. With our long-term, expert service, and support, we will help you with maintenance and repairs for years to come, whether you bring your machinery to us or need us to come to you. Call us at Quality Fleet Service today and discover how we can help your business grow.

The Hyundai HL955XT

Within the lineup of wheel loaders that we offer here at Quality Fleet Service, the Hyundai HL955XT is not the largest or the smallest but sits about in the middle. This makes it a great option if you know that you do not need anything too big, but you want to make sure that you can handle a wide range of jobs. If you know exactly what you need, then we can help you get the right machinery; if you have a lot of questions, on the other hand, then we are here and ready to help you figure out what will work best for you.

The Hyundai HL955XT has a powerful engine that provides you with up to 197 hp and up to 685 lb-ft of torque. It has an operating weight of up to 34,780 lbs or up to 15,775 kg and a full-turn tipping load weight of up to 23,766 lbs or 10,780 kg. The standard bucket that it comes with has a capacity of up to 3.7 cu.yd. or 2.8 cu.m., and this model has a bucket breakout force of up to 28,600 lbs or 13,000 kg.

When going forward, the Hyundai HL955XT has a maximum speed of up to 24.9 mph and a top speed of up to 17.4 mph when in reverse. Thanks to its extended bar design, this wheel loader has a dump clearance of just over 9 feet, so keep that in mind when you are considering your options. If you are unsure of which wheel loader is best for you, then our large test pit here at Quality Fleet Service should be your next stop.

We let you test different machinery options for yourself, so you can see how they feel and perform, and get a sense of their real-world functionality and decide on which model is right for you. Since we offer a number of different Hyundai wheel loaders, we can help you find whichever one will best meet your needs and ensure you can get as much work done as you require. If you are not sure that a wheel loader is even the right option, then our test pit is the perfect place to try out a few different types of equipment and determine the best solution for all of your needs.

Hyundai’s World Class Warranty

Hyundai has some of the very best warranty coverage in the industry, which ensures your investment in your machinery is protected. The equipment that you use is not just a tool––it is the backbone of your business and ensures you are able to get your work done. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your machinery is covered and protected by the best warranty possible.

The Hyundai HL955XT is covered by:

  • 3-year or 3,000-hour full machine warranty
  • 5-year or 10,000-hour structural warranty
  • Limited lifetime articulation joint warranty

In addition to this, Hyundai offers an extended warranty of up to 5 years or 10,000 hours of full machine coverage. The great thing about Hyundai’s extended warranty is that you can buy it at any time while your equipment is still under the standard warranty. So even if you are unsure at the time of purchase, you can choose added protection later.

All the Hyundai factory parts that we use here at Quality Fleet Service for maintenance and repairs are covered by a 1 year or 1,500-hour warranty from the manufacturer. This ensures your equipment remains in great condition, and you know that the parts we use are the best available. Plus, since we use manufacturer parts from Hyundai, we ensure that your equipment warranty is preserved and remains in full effect.


  1. Make/model
    CUMMINS / QSB6.7
  2. Type
    Water-cooled, 4-cycle, turbocharged air-cooled, direct-injection electronically controlled diesel engine
  3. Gross power
    200 HP (149 kW) / 2,200 rpm
  4. Net power
    197 HP (147 kW) / 2,200 rpm
  5. Maximum torque
    95 kg.m (685 lb·ft) / 1,400 rpm
  6. No. of cylinders
  7. Bore x stroke
    107 mm (4.21") x 124 mm (4.88")
  8. Displacement
    6.7L (409 in3)
  9. Compression ratio
    17.3 : 1
  10. Air cleaner
    Dry, 2-stage dual elements
  11. Alternator
    24 V - 95 Amp
  12. Battery
    2 x 12 V – 160 Ah, 900 CCA
  13. Starting motor
    24 V - 7.8 kW

Hydraulic System

  1. Type
    Load-sensing hydraulic system
  2. Pump
    Variable-displacement piston pump, 185 L/min (49 gpm)
  3. Control valve
    2-spool (bucket, boom)
    3-spool (bucket, boom, aux)
  4. System pressure
    280 kgf/cm2 (3,983 psi)
  5. Lift circuit
    The valve has four functions: raise, hold, lower and float
    Can adjust automatic kick-out from horizontal to full lift
  6. Tilt circuit
    The valve has three functions: tilt back, hold and dump
    Can adjust automatic bucket positioner to desired load angle
  7. Cylinder
    Type: double acting
    No. of cylinders–bore x stroke:
    Lift: 2-125mm (4.9") x 745mm (29.3")
    Tilt: 1-140mm (5.5") x 490mm (19.3")
  8. Cycle times
    Raise: 5.8 sec
    Dump: 1.2 sec
    Lower: 3.8 sec
    Total: 10.8 sec


  1. Torque converter type
    3-element, single-stage, single-phase
  2. Travel speed, km/h (mph)
    Forward: 4 Speed
    1st 6.9 (4.3) | 2nd 11.4 (7.1) | 3rd 23.0 (14.3) | 4th 38.5 (23.9)
  3. Travel speed, km/h (mph)
    Forward: 5 Speed w/ lockup clutch
    1st 6.4 (4.0) | 2nd 11.1 (6.9) | 3rd 17.1 (10.6) | 4th 26.6 (16.5) | 5th 40.0 (24.9)
  4. Travel speed, km/h (mph)
    Reverse: 4 Speed
    1st 7.3 (4.5) | 2nd 12.0 (7.5) | 3rd 24.3 (15.1)
  5. Travel speed, km/h (mph)
    Reverse: 5 Speed w/ lockup clutch
    1st 6.7 (4.2) | 2nd 11.7 (7.3) | 3rd 28.0 (17.4)


  1. Drive system
    Four-wheel drive system
  2. Mount
    Rigid front axle and oscillating rear axle
  3. Rear axle oscillation
    ±11° center pin-loaded
  4. Hub reduction
    Planetary reduction at wheel end
  5. Differential
    Hydraulic lock (front) / conventional (rear)
  6. Reduction ratio

Transmission: Fully automatic power shift, countershaft type with soft-shift in range and

Steering System

  1. Type
    Load-sensing hydrostatic articulated steering
  2. Pump
    Variable-displacement piston pump, 109L /min (29 gpm)
  3. Relief valve setting
    250 kgf/cm2 (3,556 psi)
  4. Cylinder
    Double acting
    2-65 mm (2.6") x 418 mm (16.5")
  5. Steering angle
    40° both right and left angle, respectively
  6. Additional features
    Center-point frame articulation
    Tilt and telescopic steering column

Service Refill Capacities

  1. Fuel tank
    250L (66 gal)
  2. DEF tank
    27L (7.1 gal)
  3. Cooling system
    42L (11.1 gal)
  4. Crankcase
    18L (4.8 gal)
  5. Transmission
    33L (8.7 gal)
  6. Front axle
    32L (8.5 gal)
  7. Rear axle
    24L (6.3 gal)
  8. Hydraulic tank
    108L (28.5 gal)
  9. Hydraulic system (including tank)
    188L (49.7 gal)
Hyundai HL955XT Wheel Loader Dimensions


  1. A. Dumping clearance at max. height and 45° dump angle.
    3,415mm (11' 2.4")
  2. B. Reach
    Full lift: 1,165mm (3' 9.9")
    2,134mm height (7 feet): 2,200mm (7' 2.6")
  3. C. Digging depth
    120mm (4.7")
  4. D. Overall length
    (On ground | At carry)
    8,235mm (27' 2") | 8,170mm (26' 9.7")
  5. E. Overall height (fully raised)
    5,955mm (19' 6.5")
  6. F. Bucket pivot height (max)
    4,515mm (14' 9.8")
  7. G. Front overhang
    3,220mm (10' 6.8")
  8. H. Wheelbase
    3,050mm (10' 0.1")
  9. I. Ground clearance
    410mm (1' 4.1")


  1. J. Height over exhaust
    3,273 (10' 8.9")
  2. K. Height over cab
    3,390 (11' 1.5")
  3. L. Rollback angle
    (On ground | At carry)
    43° | 48°
  4. M. Dump angle
  5. - Clearance circle, over bucket (carry position)
    13,050mm (42' 9.8")
  6. - Clearance circle, outside of tires
    11,014mm (36.13)
  7. - Clearance circle, inside of tires
    5,854mm (19.20)
  8. N. Overall width
    (With bucket | Without bucket)
    2,740mm (8' 11.9") | 2,580mm (8' 5.6")

Quality Fleet Service is Here for You

Whether you are looking to buy a Hyundai wheel loader or need service for your commercial equipment, we are here to help. Our huge facility has all the diagnostic equipment and tools we need to keep your machinery in the best condition possible, including hydraulics, aerial lift equipment, and fabrication. We use Hyundai factory parts whenever possible, but we are ready to deal with pretty much any issue that might arise and get you back to work right away.

If you cannot come to us, we can come to you with on-site and on-road service whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you are in a forest or at a job site, we will come to you and do everything possible to get your equipment up and running again. We even offer 24-hour emergency service to our customers to ensure that nothing stops you from getting your job done, day or night––snow, rain, or sunshine. Call or visit us at Quality Fleet Service in South Hadley, MA, and let us take good care of your equipment.