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Hyundai HW210 Wheeled Excavator

Net Power 174 hp (129.4 kW) at 2,000 rpm
Operating Weight 21,200 kg (46,740 lbs)
Standard Bucket 35 km/h (21.7 mph)
The instrument cluster on a Hyundai HW210 is shown.


  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Attachment Flow Control
  • Dozer blade
  • Front outrigger


  • Intelligent 8″ touchscreen monitor
  • Advanced audio system
  • Auto climate control (AC/Heat)
  • Deluxe Operator’s Seat


  • Centralized Lubrication
  • Cab Air Filter Access
  • Hi-Mate – Telematics System
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Auto-diagnostic system

Wheeled excavators are some of the most essential pieces of equipment on a construction site, clearing out debris and digging into the ground to get jobs done quickly. Choosing the right excavator for your business or project is not always easy, however, but you must have the right machinery for your needs. The Hyundai HW210 is the largest of the wheeled excavators offered by Hyundai, with the power to tackle just about any task you can throw at it.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we are proud to offer the Hyundai HW210 and several other fantastic excavator options for you to choose from. Our knowledgeable and friendly salespeople have the experience and industry insight you deserve to help you figure out what machine is right for you. And with our large test pit, you can see different pieces of equipment in real-world environments, to get a sense of exactly how each of them will perform in a situation like yours. And our service facility means you never have to wonder where to turn when you need repairs, maintenance, or routine service.

Visit us at Quality Fleet Service today, and we will make sure you have the equipment you need to get the job done.

The Hyundai HW210

The Hyundai HW210 is the most powerful of the three standard wheeled excavators offered by Hyundai. That means this is the perfect choice if you know you will have some major projects, which will require serious equipment to get the job done. Since there are a couple of other standard wheeled excavators available from Hyundai, however, you do not have to choose this one if it is more machine than you need.

A Cummins turbocharged diesel engine powers the Hyundai HW210, providing up to 174 hp and up to 620 lb-ft of torque for exceptional performance. This tremendous piece of machinery has an operating weight of more than 46,000 lbs and can fit a bucket of up to 1.75 square yards in size. Being such a large machine, it has a swing speed of nearly 10 rpm and a tail swing radius of more than 9 feet, so keep that in mind when considering if this is the right model for you.

The Hyundai HW210 has a maximum digging depth of nearly 21 feet and a maximum digging reach of more than 32 feet, allowing it to tackle a wide range of projects. It has a bucket breakout force of more than 37,000 lbs and an arm crowd force of more than 26,000 lbs. By comparison, the less powerful Hyundai HW140 has a bucket breakout force of fewer than 25,000 lbs, so that tells you just how impressive the HW210 really is. This model has a maximum travel speed of about 21 mph so that it can get around a job site pretty well.

All of these specs paint a pretty clear picture of the tremendous power the Hyundai HW210 has to offer. It is not always easy to see how those numbers relate to what you need to do when you are at your worksite, however. That is why we have a large test pit here at Quality Fleet Service, where you can see how this machinery performs in a real-world situation. We can answer all of your questions and work closely with you to ensure you get exactly the right excavator for all of your needs.

Choosing the Right Excavator

While the Hyundai HW210 is a fantastic wheeled excavator, it is not necessarily right for every business or every project: no piece of machinery is. Hyundai offers a number of terrific excavators and other types of equipment to handle any task you might have at your job site. In choosing the right excavator, it is important to know what kind of environment you are going to be working in and recognize the amount of strength and power you need.

The most common types of excavators you will find include:

  • Wheeled Excavators: These are models like the Hyundai HW210 that have a cab, powerful reaching arm you can fit with a bucket, and wheels that it sits upon. Since these models have wheels, they are ideal for use on pavement and roads where they can move quickly. They do not work well on uneven ground, however, such as in forests.
  • Crawler Excavators: The general design of crawler excavators is similar to that of wheeled models, but they have large treads rather than wheels on them. This makes them incredibly stable, and they are great for accomplishing difficult tasks on uneven ground. Their treads can damage pavement, however, so they cannot be used on roads.
  • Compact Excavators: Available in both wheeled and crawler versions, compact excavators are simply smaller models. They are perfect for use in tight quarters where larger excavators might not fit or have room to rotate and move. Compact excavators are great for urban environments and use between buildings.

Whether you know exactly the type of excavator that is right for you, or you still have a lot of questions, we are here to help. Our experienced salespeople have worked with many customers just like you to help them find the perfect equipment for their jobs. Let Quality Fleet Service provide you with the information you need to make sure you find the right machinery.

World-Class Hyundai Warranty

One of the reasons we are so proud to offer Hyundai equipment and machinery at Quality Fleet Service is due to the incredible warranty coverage they provide. Powerful construction equipment is not merely a tool to get a job done; it is an investment in your business that can pay off for many years to come. When you make that kind of investment, you want to know that your machinery will last and be covered if something happens.

The Hyundai HW210 warranty coverage includes:

  • 3-year or 3,000-hour full machine warranty
  • 5-year or 10,000-hour structural warranty

This gives you peace of mind from knowing that your machinery was built to last. There is also extended warranty coverage available, giving you up to a 5-year or 10,000-hour full machine warranty. You can choose to upgrade to this extended warranty at any time while your equipment is still covered by the original manufacturer's warranty, so it is not something you have to decide on when you buy your equipment. Plus, all of the work we do using Hyundai factory parts is covered by their 1-year or 1,500-hour parts warranty coverage.


  1. Maker / Model
    Cummins QSB6.7
  2. Type
    4-cycle turbocharged, charger air cooled diesel engine
  3. Rated flywheel horse power - SAE
    J1995 (gross): 183 HP (136.8kW) at 2,000 rpm
    J1349 (net): 174 HP (129.4kW) at 2,000 rpm
  4. Rated flywheel horse power - DIN
    6271/1 (gross): 186 PS (136.8kW) at 2,000 rpm
    6271/1 (net): 176 PS (129.4kW) at 2,000 rpm
  5. Max. torque
    85.7 kg fm (620 lbf ft) / 1,500 rpm
  6. Bore × stroke
    107 × 124 mm (4.2"× 4.9")
  7. Piston displacement
    6700 cc (409 in³)
  8. Batteries
    2 × 12 V × 100 Ah
  9. Starting motor
    Denso 24 V - 4.8 kW
  10. Alternator
    Denso 24 V - 95 Amp

Drives & Brakes

  1. Drive method
    Fully hydrostatic type
  2. Drive motor
    Axial piston motor, in-shoe design
  3. Reduction system
    Planetary reduction gear
  4. Max. drawbar pull
    11,600 kgf (25,570 lbf)
  5. Max. travel speed (high / low)
    35 km/h (21.7 mph) / 9.1 km/h (5.65 mph)
  6. Gradeability
    33° (65%)
  7. Service Brake
    Independent dual brake, front and rear axle full hydraulic power brake.
    Spring released and hydraulic applied wet type multiple disc brake.
  8. Parking Brake
    Spring applied and hydraulic released wet disc brake type in transmission.

Pilot pressure operated joysticks and pedals with detachable lever provide almost effortless and fatigue-less operation.


  1. Pilot control
    Two joysticks with one safety lever
    (LH): Swing and arm, Boom and bucket
  2. Traveling and steering
    Two levers with pedals
  3. Engine throttle
    Electric, Dial type

Hydraulic System

  1. Type
    Variable displacement tandem axis piston pumps
  2. Max. flow
    2 x 234 ℓ/min (61.8 gpm)
  3. Sub-pump for pilot circuit (Gear Pump)
    25.5 ℓ/min (6.7 gpm)


Hydraulic Cylinders | No. of cylinder bore X stroke

  1. Boom
    120×1,290 mm
  2. Arm
    140×1,510 mm
  3. Bucket
    120×1,055 mm
  4. Dozer Blade
    125×222 mm
  5. Outrigger
    130×427 mm
  6. 2Pcs Boom
    1st: 120×1,010 mm
    2nd: 170×754 mm

Relief Valve Setting

  1. Implement circuits
    400 kgf/cm2 (5,690 psi)
  2. Travel
    380 kgf/cm2 (5,400 psi)
  3. Power boost (boom, arm, bucket)
    380 kgf/cm2 (5,400 psi)
  4. Swing circuit
    265 kgf/cm2 (3,770 psi)
  5. Pilot circuit
    40 kgf/cm2 (570 psi)
  6. Service valve

Hydraulic Motors

  1. Travel
    Two speed axial pistons motor with brake valve and parking brake
  2. Swing
    Axial piston motor with automatic brake

Operating weight: including 5,650 mm (18’ 6”) boom, 2,920 mm (9’ 7”) arm, SAE heaped 0.80 m3 (1.05 yd3) backhoe bucket, lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, hydraulic tank and the standard equipment.

Undercarriage: Reinforced box-section frame is all-welded, low-stress. Dozer blade and outriggers are available. A pin-on design.

Swing System

  1. Swing motor
    Fixed displacement axial piston motor
  2. Swing reduction
    Planetary gear reduction
  3. Swing bearing lubrication
  4. Swing brake
    Multi wet disc
  5. Swing speed
    9.7 rpm

Operating Weight (Approximate)

  1. Front outrigger and rear blade
    21,200 kg (46,740 lb)
  2. Front and rear outrigger
    21,300 kg (46,960 lb)
  3. Front blade and rear outrigger
    21,300 kg (46,960 lb)


  1. Dozer blade
    A very useful addition for leveling and back filling or clean-up work.
  2. Outrigger
    Indicated for max. operation stability when digging and lifting. Can be mounted on the front/or the rear.

Service Refill Capacities (Liter | Gallon)

  1. Fuel tank
    310.0 | 81.9
  2. Engine coolant
    40 | 10.6
  3. Engine oil
    23.7 | 6.3
  4. Swing device
    6.2 | 1.6
  5. Axle - Front
    14.6 | 3.9
  6. Axle - Rear
    18.5 | 4.9
  7. Hydraulic system (including tank)
    340.0 | 89.8
  8. Hydraulic tank
    165.0 | 43.6
  9. DEF/AdBlue®
    27 | 7.1
A diagram of dimensions for a Hyundai HW210 is shown.

5.65 m (18' 6") Mono boom, 2.92 m (9' 7") Arm, Front outrigger and rear dozer blade

Dimensions: mm (ft-in)

  1. A Wheel base
    2,800 (9' 2")
  2. B Overall width
    2,530 (8' 4")
  3. C Ground clearance of counterweight
    1,300 (4' 3")
  4. D Rear-end distance
    2,770 (9' 1")
  5. D’ Rear-end swing radius
    2,850 (9' 4")
  6. E Upperstructure width
    2,530 (8' 4")
  7. F Overall height of cab
    3,245 (10' 8")
  8. G Min. ground clearance
    353 (1' 2")
  9. H Tread
    1,914 (6' 3")


  1. Boom length
    5,650 (18’ 6”)
  2. Arm length
    2,000 (6' 7") | 2,400 (7' 10") | 2,920 (9' 7")
  3. I Overall length (Traveling position)
    9,590 (31' 8") | 9,540 (31' 5") | 9,380 (30' 9")
  4. I' Overall length (Shipping position)
    9,680 (31' 9") | 9,570 (31' 5") | 9,500 (31' 2")
  5. J Overall height of boom (Traveling position)
    3,720 (12' 2") | 3,650 (11' 12") | 4,020 (13' 2")
  6. J' Overall height of boom (Shipping position)
    3,350 (10' 12") | 3,240 (10' 8") | 3,150 (10' 4")
A diagram of the working range of a Hyundai HW210 is shown.

Working Range

  1. Boom length
    5,680 (18' 8")
  2. Arm length
    2,000 (6' 7") 2,400 | (7' 10") | 2,920 (9' 7")
  3. A Max. digging reach
    9,110 (29' 11") | 9,480 (31' 1") | 9,960 (32' 8")
  4. A’ Max. digging reach on ground
    8,870 (29' 1") | 9,260 (30' 5") | 9,750 (32' 0")
  5. B Max. digging depth
    5,480 (18' 0") | 5,880 (19' 3") | 6,380 (20' 11")
  6. B’ Max. digging depth (8' level)
    5,240 (17' 2") | 5,670 (18' 7") | 6,210 (20' 4")
  7. C Max. vertical wall digging depth
    4,970 (16' 4") | 5,470 (17' 11") | 5810 (19' 1")
  8. D Max. digging height
    9,500 (31' 2") | 9,730 (31' 11") | 10,000 (32' 10")
  9. E Max. dumping height
    6,670 (21' 11") | 6,900 (22' 8") | 7,160 (23' 6")
  10. F Min. swing radius
    3,700 (12' 2") | 3,620 (11' 11") | 3,580 (11' 9")

You Deserve Quality Fleet Service

Here at Quality Fleet Service, our time with you does not end when you choose the perfect piece of machinery, such as the Hyundai HW210. We believe in a long-term relationship that ensures your equipment will keep working beautifully for many years to come. At our 15,000 square foot facility, we have everything we need to provide you with service, maintenance, and repairs on your commercial equipment. This includes a 10-ton overhead crane, hydraulic lifts, and fabrication equipment to make just about anything else.

We also provide exclusive 24-hour emergency support and service to our valued customers. Any time of day, we will get you back up and running – we will even come to you for on-site or on-road service for your machinery. Call or visit us at Quality Fleet Service in South Hadley, MA, today and get the support you deserve.