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Hyundai Rollers

Compaction rollers are one of those pieces of machinery that you might not think you need until you do, and then you really need it. While some individuals might be able to get away with renting a roller for a weekend, many of our commercial clients need high-quality Hyundai rollers for their businesses. These rollers are great for construction projects, roadwork, making driveways and playgrounds, and a wide range of other applications where creating a level area is necessary to finish other work.

Choosing the right roller is not always easy, however, and really comes down to determining what kind of soil or material you need to compact and level out. There are both single-drum and tandem-drum Hyundai rollers available, as well as pad-foot surface single-drum rollers, so you must know what you need before making any purchase. Our friendly and knowledgeable salespeople are happy to answer any questions you might have about Hyundai rollers and will work with you to make sure you get just the right machinery for your needs.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we pride ourselves on selling the best equipment on the market and on offering the highest level of service for maintenance and repairs on industrial machinery. We are in the business of making sure your business keeps running by providing you with everything you need to keep your heavy machines working. Whether you can bring your equipment to us for routine service, or need us to come to you for on-road repairs, we are here for you. Call or visit us as Quality Fleet Service today to discover what we can do make sure you keep your business running smoothly.

Single-Drum vs Tandem-Drum Hyundai Rollers

There are two major categories of compaction rollers available from Hyundai, and choosing the right one really comes down to the application you need it for. Single-drum rollers have, as their name suggests, a single roller drum located at the front of the vehicle, with a pair of large wheels at the rear. Since they have wheels, these rollers have good traction, and the large drum is ideal for compacting soil and gravel, making them good for preparing surfaces for driveways, sidewalks, or foundation work.

Tandem-drum Hyundai rollers, also called double-drum or twin-drum rollers, have a large roller drum at the front of the vehicle and a second one at the rear. These machines do not run on rear tires, so they have poor traction compared to a single-drum model. Tandem-drum Hyundai rollers are perfect for asphalt compaction and aggregate materials, making them a great choice for roads, paved paths, and parking lots.

Other Shopping Considerations

Beyond the primary decision of either a single-drum or tandem-drum Hyundai roller, you also need to decide on which option is best for you within those categories. There are a number of rollers from Hyundai available, and you should consider your options before making a final decision. Think about specifics, such as the width and load of any roller you are interested in, as well as smooth or pad-foot rollers.

For example, the Hyundai HR70C is a single-drum roller designed for ease of use and accessibility for service or repairs. It has a roller that is 67 inches wide with a 22.35 kg/cm linear drum load. By comparison, the HR140C is a very powerful single-drum roller with a drum that is more than 83 inches wide with a 38.57 kg/cm linear drum load. When you look at tandem-drum Hyundai rollers, you find similar differences: the HR25T-9 has a 39.3-inch-wide drum, while the HR30T-9 has a 49.2-inch-wide roller.

With single-drum Hyundai rollers, you should also consider if you want a smooth drum or a pad-foot drum. Smooth drums have a smooth surface that is good for working on soil that is not particularly complex, making it great for gravel and sand. Soil with more cohesive materials, such as clay and silt, benefits from the use of a pad-foot roller, which has tapered pads that let it get down into such materials to create more uniform compaction in them.

Hyundai’s Roller Warranty

Everything we do here at Quality Fleet Service has one simple goal: keep you working. This means minimizing downtime by making sure your equipment is in proper working order as quickly as possible. That comes from the work we do, as well as the incredible warranty that Hyundai offers on their single and tandem-drum rollers.

All Hyundai rollers are covered by a 3-year or 3,000-hour full machine warranty, standard. You can also choose to extend that full machine warranty out to 5 years or 10,000 hours of coverage. The best part of this extended warranty, however, is that you can choose to extend your coverage at any time so long as the machine is still covered by the standard warranty. That makes your life simple and offers you the peace of mind that comes from protecting your important investment.

Service and Repairs

Selling you a high-quality Hyundai roller is only the beginning of what we can do for your business: we also offer the best service and repairs for as long as you own your machine. That includes standard warranty maintenance and repairs, as well as anything else beyond your warranty coverage. Our 15,000 sqft facility has everything we need to provide you with routine service or major repairs on your roller, to get you up and running again in no time.

If you cannot come to us, then you can call us to come to you for on-road service and repairs to make sure your Hyundai roller can get the job done. Even in severe weather or in the middle of the night, if you are working, then so are we – call our 24-hour emergency number to get whatever work you need done. We are here to make sure you can get to work and keep going until the job is done, simple as that.

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We are proud to be a Hyundai certified retailer for their single and tandem-drum rollers because the needs of your business are most important for us. That starts with making sure you have the right machinery to get the job done and extends for years to come with factory-certified warranty service and repairs, as well as maintenance and work beyond your warranty coverage. For years to come, we will be here for you. Call us or stop by today and put Quality Fleet Service to work for you.