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Hyundai Breakers

While tracked and wheeled Hyundai excavators are great for digging into debris and clearing out a lot of material in a short period of time with a bucket; they are also ideal for other jobs thanks to the attachments that can be connected to them. Among the most popular attachments for excavators are Hyundai breakers or hydraulic breakers, which are designed to break through hard materials. With numerous models available, in three different categories of sizes, choosing the right breaker really depends on what kind of work you need it to do.

Of course, different sizes are also ideal for different models of Hyundai excavators, so you must pair your attachment properly with the equipment you already have. If you need to purchase a new excavator and the proper hydraulic breakers to work with it, then we can work with you to figure out exactly what kind of machinery you need and get you all set up. We can also help you find the right Hyundai breakers if you have a different type of excavator that you prefer to use, as the use of custom mounting brackets ensure these breakers are a great fit for any machine.

Hydraulic Hyundai breakers are available in different sizes to match any level of power you need with your excavator. There are different chisel diameters and shapes available, so no matter what kind of material you are dealing with, there is a Hyundai breaker that will get the job done. At Quality Fleet Service, our knowledgeable salespeople are here to answer any questions you might have and work with you to make sure you have exactly the right breaker for your needs. Come visit us or call us today and let us help you get to work.

Different Hyundai Breaker Sizes

There are three general size categories available for Hyundai breakers: small, midsize, and large. Within these three categories, however, there are numerous models available. This means that no matter what size you are looking for, you will find an option that is perfect for you.

In general, if you have a compact excavator, then a small breaker is the right choice, while midsize and large breakers are a better fit for standard excavators. It is important to choose the right breaker for your excavator in terms of your machine’s size. Putting a small breaker on a large excavator can potentially damage the breaker and impede efficiency for getting a job done.

To give you a general sense of how these different size categories break down, consider this: small breakers offer an operating weight range between 253 lbs and 1,354 lbs depending on the specific model. Midsize Hyundai breakers, on the other hand, have an operating weight range between 2,048 lbs and 4,773 lbs while large breakers can go from 6,243 lbs to over 12,000 lbs. You can see how much of a difference there is between these categories, which is why it is so important to choose the right equipment for the job.

Choosing the Right Breaker

Even beyond the basic sizes of these different Hyundai breakers, you also want to consider the different options available, so you get the right breaker for your particular needs. For example, different sizes of breakers offer different amounts of impact power. The smallest option from Hyundai, the HDB10 produces 140 lb-ft of impact power, while the larger HDB70 produces up to 1,000 lb-ft of impact power – and these are both small breakers.

When you start looking at midsize and large Hyundai breakers, then you get even greater levels of impact power. A midsize model like the HDB210 can produce up to 4,000 lb-ft of impact power, while the largest breaker, the HDB800, can produce 16,200 lb-ft of impact power. That is a tremendous difference that really matters out on the job site, so it is vital that you know what you need before choosing the right breaker.

Different chisel shapes are also available for Hyundai breakers, which are designed to handle different kinds of materials. For example, if you need to bust through concrete or rocks, then the moil or conical shape would probably be best. On the other hand, quarries and trenches typically benefit from a blunt or wedge shape for the chisel. Similarly, blunt and wedge shapes are ideal for hard rocks like basanite and granite, while moil and conical chisels are better for breaking through sandstone, limestone, and other soft rocks.

Custom Mounting Brackets Available

Hyundai breakers are designed to be easily compatible with Hyundai excavators, both currently and previously available for sale. If you already have a Hyundai excavator, or you are interested in getting one, then we can easily recommend the perfect breakers for your needs and attaching the breaker to your excavator is simple. On the other hand, if you have an excavator from another company, then we can work with you to determine which one is the right size for the machine that you have. We can then provide custom mounting brackets authorized by Hyundai to make attaching their breaker to your equipment as simple as possible.

Hyundai Breaker Warranty Coverage

All Hyundai breakers are covered by a 1-year full warranty that starts the date of the first installation of the breaker onto your excavator. This warranty is in effect regardless of whether you have a Hyundai excavator or a machine from another manufacturer. It is important that you only use a breaker that is right for the size and power of your excavator, however, and that you have experienced operators use the excavator with the breaker for an appropriate amount of time. Overuse can result in damage to the breaker, or misshape the chisel and make it less efficient in the future, which is why proper operator training and experience are so important.

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High-quality Hyundai breakers can make construction and demolition jobs much easier, breaking up concrete, stone, and other materials for easy excavation and loading. Choosing the right breaker and chisel shape, however, makes a big difference, which is why we are here to answer your questions and provide you with all the assistance you need. Call or come visit us at Quality Fleet Service today, and we will make sure you can tackle any job.