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Hyundai HX160L Crawler Excavator

Net Power 128 hp (96 kW) at 2,050 rpm
Operating Weight 18,830 kg (41,513 lbs)
Standard Bucket 0.76 m3 (0.99 yd3)
Hyundai HX145LCR Cabin Monitor


  • Variable Power Control
  • Attachment Flow Control
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Cycle Time Improvement


  • Intelligent 8″ Touchscreen Monitor
  • Advanced Audio System
  • Innovative Haptic Control Module
  • Deluxe Operator’s Seat


  • Easy Access to DEF System
  • Cab Air Filter Access
  • Upper-structure Access
  • Stacked Cooler Design
Getting your work done efficiently and properly is all about having the right tool for the job, whether that means something as simple as a flathead screwdriver rather than a Phillips, or picking out the right crawler excavator to clear a job site. That is why we offer the amazing lineup of excavators from Hyundai, with different models to meet a wide range of needs. The Hyundai HX160L is on the smaller side of the lineup, which makes it ideal for lighter work, though its wide tail-swing radius means it needs space to function.
Here at Quality Fleet Service, we specialize in working with commercial clients that have specific needs for the tasks you need to get done. All we do is work with people in vital industries like logging, construction, and forestry to make sure you can get your job done right. Our knowledgeable and experienced salespeople will work closely with you to help you figure out exactly what equipment you need, and our on-site test pit lets you get a feel for different machinery before you make your decision. Visit us at Quality Fleet Service today, and we will make sure you can tackle any job you have.

The Hyundai HX160L

Although not the lightest weight crawler excavator offered by Hyundai, the HX160L is definitely one of the lighter-duty options available from them. This makes it a great choice if you need an excavator for your work but do not require a massive machine that can handle huge tasks. Picking the right equipment for your job is as much about identifying what you need as it is about identifying what you do not need, which is why we work so closely with our customers to help them pick out the perfect option.

The Hyundai HX160L has an impressive engine that delivers up to 128 hp and up to 413 lb-ft of torque for plenty of muscle to handle hard jobs. This model has an operating weight of up to 41,513 lbs or over 18,000 kg and it has a bucket breakout rating of 27,780 lbs or 12,600 kg of force. The bucket range on the Hyundai HX160L is up to 1.05 cu.m. or 1.37 cu.yd. and it has a maximum swing speed of just over 10 rpm, so keep that in mind when considering the amount of work you need to handle and how quickly you need to get your job done.

This model has a maximum travel speed of just over 3 mph going forward and 2 mph in reverse, with a maximum digging reach of 31 feet and a maximum digging depth of more than 21 feet. All of that makes this a great option for clearing out a job site in most conditions, even when you need some excellent reach for digging. It is worth noting, however, that this model has a tail swing radius of more than 8 feet, so it is not ideal for working in tight quarters and particularly crowded areas. Otherwise, if you are looking for a smaller model to get a lot of work done, then this is a fantastic option.

Knowing which crawler excavator is right for you just from looking at numbers can be difficult, especially if you tend to take on a wide range of projects. That is why we have our test pit here at Quality Fleet Service, so you can try out the different models available and see what will work for you in real-world conditions. Our salespeople have a deep and thorough knowledge of the entire Hyundai lineup and will work with you to figure out which model will meet all of your needs.

Amazing Hyundai Warranty Coverage

The Hyundai HX160L is covered by one of the best warranties in the industry, along with the rest of Hyundai’s fantastic crawler excavators. Since your machinery is not just a tool you need to get work done but is an investment in your business, it is good to know that Hyundai takes that investment as seriously as you do and provides such excellent coverage.

Warranty coverage on the Hyundai HX160L includes:

  • A 3-year or 3,000-hour full machine warranty
  • A 5-year or 10,000-hour structural warranty

While this coverage is already fantastic, you can also choose an extended warranty that provides you with up to 5 years or 10,000 hours of full machine coverage. Best of all, you do not have to decide on this extended warranty at the time of purchase, as so many other manufacturers require. As long as you are still covered by the original warranty, you can choose to purchase the extended protection for your machinery.

As an authorized dealer and service center for Hyundai equipment, we use factory parts whenever possible while doing maintenance or making repairs. All Hyundai parts are covered by a 1-year or 1,500-hour manufacturer warranty, so even the little things you might need to consider after purchase come with great peace of mind.


  1. Make / model
    Perkins 1204F
  2. Type
    Water cooled, 4-cycle diesel, 4 cylinders in line, direct injection, turbocharged and air cooled
  3. Rated flywheel horsepower SAE
    J1995 (gross) 137 HP (102.1 kW) / 2,050 rpm
    J1349 (net) 128 HP (96 kW) / 2,050 rpm
  4. Max. torque
    57.1 kgf.m (413 lbf.ft) @ 1,400 rpm
  5. Bore × stroke
    105 × 127 mm (4.13” × 5”)
  6. Piston displacement
    4,400 cc (268.5 in3)
  7. Batteries
    2 x 12V x 100 Ah
  8. Starting motor
    24 V - 4.5 kW
  9. Alternator
    24 V - 100 Amp

Drives and Brakes

  1. Drive method
    Fully hydrostatic type
  2. Drive motor
    Axial piston motor, in-shoe design
  3. Reduction system
    Planetary reduction gear
  4. Max. drawbar pull
    17,000 kgf (37,500 lbf)
  5. Max. travel speed (high / low)
    5.3 km/hr (3.3 mph) / 3.2 km/hr (2.0 mph)
  6. Gradeability
    35° (70%)
  7. Parking brake
    Multi wet disc brake

Hydraulic System

  1. Main Pump Type
    Two variable displacement piston pumps
  2. Max. flow
    2 x 164 L/min (43.3 gpm)
  3. Sub-pump for pilot circuit
    (Gear Pump)
    31.5 L/min (8.3 gpm)

Operating Weight

  1. Shoe Width: 600mm (24")
    Operating Weight: 18,830 kg (41,513 lbs)
    Ground Pressure: 0.46 kgf/cm2 (6.51 psi)
  2. Shoe Width: 700mm (28")
    Operating Weight: 19,084 kg (42,073 lbs)
    Ground Pressure: 0.40 kgf/cm2 (5.62 psi)

Operating weight: including 5,100 mm (16’ 9”) boom, 3,100 mm (10’ 2”) arm, SAE heaped 0.70 m3 (0.92 yd3) bucket, lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, max 3,250 kg (7,165 lb) counterweight and all other standard equipment.

Swing System

  1. Swing motor
    Axial pistons motor
  2. Swing reduction
    Planetary gear reduction
  3. Swing bearing lubrication
  4. Swing brake
    Multi wet disc brake
  5. Swing speed
    10.3 rpm

Control System

  1. Pilot control
    Two joysticks with one safety lever
    (LH): Swing and arm
    (RH): Boom and bucket (ISO)
  2. Traveling and steering
    Two levers with pedals
  3. Engine throttle
    Electric, dial type

Control System: Pilot pressure-operated joysticks and pedals with detachable lever provide almost effortless and fatigueless operation.

Cross-Sensing and Fuel-Saving Pump System

Hydraulic Cylinders

  1. No. of cylinders
    (Bore × Stroke)
    Boom: 2-115 × 1,090 mm (4.5" × 42.9")
    Arm: 1-120 × 1,355 mm (4.7" × 53.3")
    Bucket: 1-110 × 995 mm (4.3" × 39.2")
    Blade: 2-110 × 320 mm (4.3” × 12.6”)
    2PCS 1st: 2-115 × 960 mm (4.5” × 37.8”)
    2nd: 1-160 × 650 mm (6.3” × 25.6”)

Relief Valve Setting

  1. Implement circuits
    350 kgf/cm2 (5,690 psi)
  2. Travel
    350 kgf/cm2 (5,690 psi)
  3. Power boost (boom, arm, bucket)
    380 kgf/cm2 (5,400 psi)
  4. Swing circuit
    285 kgf/cm2 (4,054 psi)
  5. Pilot circuit
    40 kgf/cm2 (570 psi)
  6. Service valve

Hydraulic Motors

  1. Travel
    Two-speed axial pistons motor with brake valve and parking brake
  2. Swing
    Axial piston motor with automatic brake

Service Refill Capacities

  1. Fuel tank
    290L (76.6 gal)
  2. Engine coolant
    27.5L (7.3 gal)
  3. Engine oil
    10.5L (2.8 gal)
  4. Swing device
    6.2L (1.6 gal)
  5. Final drive (each)
    3.0L (0.8 gal)
  6. Hydraulic system (including tank)
    240L (63.4 gal)
  7. Hydraulic tank
    125L (33.0 gal)
  8. DEF/AdBlue® tank
    19L (5 gal)


  1. Center frame
    X - leg type
  2. Track frame
    Pentagonal box type
  3. No. of shoes on each side
  4. No. of carrier rollers on each side
  5. No. of track rollers on each side
  6. No. of rail guards on each side

Undercarriage: The X-leg type center frame is integrally welded with reinforced box-section track frames. The undercarriage includes lubricated rollers, idlers, track adjusters with shock absorbing springs and sprockets, and a track chain with double or triple grouser shoes.


  1. A Tumbler distance
    3,170mm (10' 5")
  2. B Overall length of crawler
    3,926mm (12' 11")
  3. C Ground clearance of counterweight
    1,055mm (3' 6")
  4. D Tail swing radius
    2,530mm (8' 4")
  5. D’ Rear-end length
    2,480mm (8' 2")
  6. E Overall width of upper structure
    2,475mm (8' 1")
  7. F Overall height of cab
    2,980mm (9' 9")
  8. G Min. ground clearance
    460mm (1' 6")

  1. H Track gauge
    1,990mm (6' 6")
  2. I Overall height of guardrail
    3,220mm (10' 6")
  3. - Boom length
    5,100mm (16' 9")
  4. - Arm length
    2,200mm (7' 3") | 2,600mm (8' 6") | 3,100mm (10' 2")
  5. J Overall length
    8,660mm (28' 5") | 8,650mm (28' 5") | 8,650mm (28' 5")
  6. K Overall height of boom
    3,010mm (9' 11") | 2,990mm (9' 10") | 3,150mm (10' 4")
  7. L Track shoe width
    500mm (20") | 600mm (24") | 700mm (28")
  8. M Overall width
    2,490mm (8' 2") | 2,590mm (8' 6") | 2,690 (8' 10")
Hyundai HX160L Dimensions Diagram

We Provide Long-Term Support

Here at Quality Fleet Service in South Hadley, MA, we pride ourselves on not only offering amazing machinery from top manufacturers like Hyundai but on providing you with long-term service and support. Our 15,000 sq. ft. facility is designed to handle just about any maintenance or repair concerns you might have for as long as you own your equipment. We have aerial lift equipment and hydraulic lifts, welding and fabrication equipment, and everything else we need to keep your machinery running beautifully.

If you cannot come to us, we will come to you with on-road and on-site service and repairs whenever possible. We even offer our customers 24-hour emergency service, night or day, rain or shine, because we know that things do not always break down when it is convenient. Our commitment is to you and your business to keep you going and making sure you can meet your deadlines and get your work done. To us, your success is the greatest measure of our success, whether that means helping you find the right equipment or providing service and repairs during a devastating storm.

Call or come visit us at Quality Fleet Service today and let us help you succeed.