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Hyundai Crawler Excavators

Excavators are vital pieces of equipment in a wide range of industries, from construction and roadwork to demolition and city planning. If a job requires a serious amount of work, then Hyundai crawler excavators are often the best option, with different models available to handle a wide range of tasks. These are among the most powerful excavators on the market and can make just about any job faster and easier while providing plenty of options for each situation.

Shopping for the right excavator to meet your needs is not always as simple as it should be, however, due to the nature of the industry. When you are not sure what to choose, then it is important to look at all of your options, understand what your needs really are, and make sure you get a model that will work for you. Hyundai crawler excavators are ideal for a wide range of businesses and industries, with different models designed for different conditions – but if you need something smaller, then consider a Hyundai compact excavator.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to businesses and our understanding of their particular needs. As a certified Hyundai retailer, our factory-trained salespeople can work with you to make sure you get just the right crawler excavator for your business. Whether you need something for medium-scale use or want a beast that can clear out massive amounts of earth in a short time, we are here to help. Call us or come visit us today to discuss your business’s needs and we will make sure you get just the right machinery.

Different Hyundai Crawler Excavators

Hyundai crawler excavators are massive pieces of machinery designed to move earth, debris, and other materials with unparalleled speed and efficiency. There are quite a few models available from Hyundai in the current lineup, which creates the perfect option for pretty much any business. These are not designed for personal or consumer use – this is commercial machinery designed to manage the demands of businesses in all sorts of different industries. If you are not sure which Hyundai crawler excavator is right for you, then consider your typical work and the requirements you need to meet.

Shopping for the Right Excavator

In many ways, shopping for the right Hyundai crawler excavator for your business is just like shopping for anything else: start by evaluating your needs and then find the product that checks all of your boxes. Of course, the needs of your business are somewhat different from someone looking to buy a pickup truck to drive around town each day. Considering how important these excavators are for a lot of industries, and how vital they are to getting work done, this is not a decision you want to make lightly.

One of the most important things to consider is the operating weight you need for your excavator. The operating weight refers to the counterweight on the excavator, which indicates the maximum amount of weight the boom can bear. Hyundai crawler excavators can cover a wide range of operating weights, so there is a perfect option for pretty much every business. For example, something like the HX140L has an operating weight of up to 32,044 lbs while the massive HX480L has an operating weight of up to 112,520 lbs. You want to choose a machine that can meet your needs, without going so far over that you end up spending money on more than you really need.

It is also important to look at the dump height for any Hyundai crawler excavators you are interested in. This indicates how high up the boom can reach to dump materials out of the bucket. If you know you need to be able to dump material into a large container for transport, for example, then make sure any excavator you choose has a dump height that will reach over the walls of your container.

You should also consider the bucket capacity that you want for your machinery. A large bucket capacity lets your excavator scoop up more material at once, which means you can get a big job done even faster. A smaller bucket, however, gives you more precision, which can be important at certain worksites and when doing roadwork. Keep in mind you can typically swap out the bucket, so while you want to consider the capacity of the standard bucket on any Hyundai crawler excavator you look at, it is not a major restriction.

Hyundai’s Hassle-Free Warranty

A piece of machinery like an excavator is a big investment for your business – it makes it easier for you to get the job done, but you want to make sure that investment is protected. That is one of the best things about the line of Hyundai crawler excavators: they have one of the best warranties in the industry covering them. Every new Hyundai excavator we sell comes with a 3-year or 3,000-hour full machine warranty and a 5-year or 10,000-hour structural warranty. There is also an option for an extended 5-year full machine warranty if you are interested in even more protection.

Factory-Service and Warranty Repairs

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we are a factory-certified retailer and service center, which means we can perform any maintenance you need on your Hyundai crawler excavator and keep your warranty intact. We are authorized to perform warranty repairs on your Hyundai excavator as well, so we can provide any service you need for years to come. We use Hyundai factory parts whenever possible, which are always backed by a 1-year or 1,500-hour warranty on them.

Our factory-certified service center is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm with night and weekend hours available by appointment. We also have a 24-hour emergency number available when a critical situation occurs at an inconvenient time. If you cannot bring your machinery to us, we can come to you; we offer on-road service, maintenance, and repairs on your Hyundai crawler excavator (and more) to get you back to work right away.

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