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A mechanic is performing heavy equipment repairs on construction machinery.

Heavy Equipment Repair

Heavy Equipment Repair

Large and heavy equipment is the cornerstone of a lot of industries and businesses as these machines are necessary to get work done and keep clients happy. When that equipment breaks down, then everything else can come screeching to a halt, and you can end up losing more money every minute that work has stopped. Repairing that kind of equipment can be much more complex than fixing up the truck in your driveway. The last thing you want to do is gamble with the quality of any heavy equipment repair you have done for you.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we pride ourselves on the level of quality and exceptional service we provide to all of our commercial clients. Our certified and factory-trained service professionals and technicians specialize in working on heavy equipment and commercial vehicles. We understand the needs of other businesses because we know how important our own specialized diagnostic equipment and devices are to getting our work done.

A mechanic is performing heavy equipment repairs on construction machinery.

When you find yourself in need of heavy equipment repair, you deserve the very best work to keep your business running. Bring your equipment to us for service or repairs, or contact us to come to you on the road and get your heavy equipment up and running again. Here at Quality Fleet Service, your needs are our main priority.

In-Shop Heavy Equipment Repairs

One of the most effective ways we can perform heavy equipment repairs for you is here at our repair shop. We have a 15,000 sq.ft. facility designed to facilitate just about any kind of service or repairs we need to perform. With our 10-ton overhead crane and aerial lift equipment, we can get to any engine, undercarriage, or other part of your heavy equipment to make sure it is properly repaired.

We have specialized diagnostic equipment and software that makes it easy for us to properly troubleshoot a wide variety of issues with heavy equipment from many different manufacturers. From Perkins and Scania to CAT and Kohler Diesel, we have certified service professionals that specialize in working on the most popular brands of heavy equipment and machinery. While we use OEM parts whenever possible, we are also set up for welding and fabrication. We can make adjustments, major repairs, and perform other work here in our shop as needed.

The Quality Fleet Service shop is shown at our location near Springfield, MA.

On-Road Heavy Equipment Repair

Of course, sometimes coming to us for your heavy equipment repair is out of the question – after all, if you have an engine that will not start or large, flat tires, getting moving could be the problem. In those cases, we offer on-road service and repairs at a wide range of locations throughout the South Hadley area. Whether you are by the side of a highway, or deep in a forest, we will come to you, reach your worksite, and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

We provide on-road heavy equipment repairs in all kinds of weather. A little rain or snow will not keep you from working, so we do not let it stop us either. Whenever possible, we provide OEM parts and warranty service on-site, which means the more information you can provide to us when you call, the better. Our service professionals can even offer heavy equipment repair in the middle of the night, with our 24-hour emergency service. Nothing will stop us from making sure you can get back to work as quickly as possible.

Factory-Authorized Warranty Repairs

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we provide warranty repairs and replacements on a wide range of vehicles and equipment from the most popular commercial equipment manufacturers. We are factory-authorized to offer these kinds of heavy equipment repairs, so you know that you are covered by your warranty and that our work will ensure your warranty remains in place as long as possible. Our certified service professionals are factory-trained, and we use OEM parts to make replacements so that your equipment is nearly as good as new.

There are a lot of stipulations and restrictions on warranty service from different manufacturers, however, which can make things tricky. Give us a call to tell us what equipment you have, and we can tell you if we are authorized to provide warranty service on your specific model. Our warranty services include certain types of equipment and machinery from CAT, Perkins, Scania, Kohler Diesel, DEUTZ, and more.

The Right Parts for Your Equipment

Taking care of your heavy equipment means more than scheduled service and repairs when you need them, it also means using the right parts. Our parts department at Quality Fleet Service knows heavy-duty equipment and commercial machinery inside and out, and they use that knowledge to make sure we always have a well-stocked inventory of OEM parts. That means we can quickly get heavy equipment repairs and replacement work done without having to wait on common parts to show up.

When we do need to place an order, either for something we do not usually keep in stock or for a special request from a customer, our buying power lets us ensure the lowest prices and fastest delivery times possible. Whether you need us to work on your equipment for you, or you need some simple parts to make sure you can more easily avoid an emergency breakdown, we can work with you to make sure you have what you need. Give us a call to discuss what you need, and we can answer all of your questions and make sure you have the right components for your heavy machinery.

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Let Quality Fleet Service Work for You

Everything we do here at Quality Fleet Service has one simple goal: to keep your machinery and heavy equipment up and running. Whether that means you bring your machines to us so we can work on it here at our service center, or we come to you on-site to get you working again, we deliver the best experience possible for you. We understand the needs of businesses and how important it is to keep downtime to a minimum, which is why we make heavy equipment repairs go as quickly and effectively as possible.

Call us today or stop by to discuss any commercial machinery or vehicle service, maintenance, or repairs you need done. We can be reached by email or phone to get you the answers you need. And if you have an emergency after hours, then call our 24-hour emergency line to get help as quickly as possible.