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A line of yellow excavators is shown at one of the best heavy equipment dealers near me.

Heavy Equipment Dealers Near Me

Heavy Equipment Dealers Near Me

Heavy and powerful equipment is vital for a lot of different industries, and the people that need them really need them. It does not matter if you are in forestry, construction, or any other trade, if you have a need for heavy equipment, then you know exactly how crucial such machines are to getting work done. But finding that equipment means more than simply searching “heavy equipment dealers near me” online and hoping you find a shop that understands your needs.

You deserve to buy your heavy equipment from someone that really knows what you need and understands this kind of machinery inside and out. Here at Quality Fleet Service, we pride ourselves on knowing how to help and work with people in all sorts of trades and industries. We do not simply sell you a piece of machinery; we make sure that the heavy equipment you get is exactly right for your needs, and our equipment service ensures it will keep working just as hard as you do. We have a terrific selection of heavy equipment for sale, as well as replacements parts when you need them.

Come visit us at Quality Fleet Service today, and we will get you the machinery you need.

A line of yellow excavators is shown at one of the best heavy equipment dealers near me.

The Best Heavy Equipment for Sale

When you choose us as the heavy equipment dealer near you, you know that you are getting the best machinery and the best service. Our salespeople do not spend most of their time selling consumer vehicles or on other projects – we specialize in heavy machinery and equipment. That means we understand your needs and the needs of your business in a way that a lot of other dealers simply cannot.

Whether you work in a trade in the Springfield area, or you have a forestry service, we know what it takes for you to get the job done. You need heavy equipment that works just as hard as you do and will last a long time. The machinery you buy is an investment in your business, so you want to make sure that investment is protected. That is why we specialize not only in selling heavy equipment but also in providing service and repairs.

In-Shop Repair Service

Our in-shop repair service is perfect for anything you need. Here at our 15,000 sq.ft. facility, we have all the equipment necessary for any kind of maintenance and service. We have a ten-ton overhead crane and lift equipment to get at every part and component in your machinery. Inside, outside, top, and bottom – we can get to each part to make sure your equipment is properly repaired, and anything that needs to be replaced is taken care of.

We use factory OEM parts whenever possible to not only ensure your equipment is in the best condition but also to uphold any warranty coverage you have. We keep a huge selection of parts on-hand for this work, and we can quickly order anything we need but do not have. When necessary, we are fully equipped for welding and fabrication to make sure your machinery gets back to work as quickly as possible.

A mechanic is working under a machine in Springfield, MA.

On-Road Service

As your heavy equipment dealer near you, we understand that coming to us does not always work for you. When you are out in the middle of a forest or at a job site, and your equipment breaks down, you do not have the time to tow or haul your machinery to us. That is why we offer on-road service throughout the area, so no matter what conditions you are in or how off the beaten trail you might be, we can help.

This includes 24-hour emergency service when the unexpected happens at the worst possible moment, and you need to get a job done. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, we will come to your site and provide you with the highest level of service and care. While we cannot bring our entire shop to you, we do everything we can to diagnose the issue and get your machinery up and running again as quickly as possible.

Factory-Authorized Warranty Repairs

Here at Quality Fleet Service, when we say we understand your machinery needs, we really mean it. We are not just your heavy equipment dealer near you; we are also a factory-authorized repair shop for some of the biggest names in heavy machinery. From Scania and Perkins to CAT and Isuzu Diesel, we have expert training in performing repairs on all of the heavy equipment that we offer.

This means we can perform warranty repairs on this machinery in the vast majority of cases. The warranty on your heavy equipment is just as valuable as the machinery itself and can save you a lot of money while in effect. The last thing you want to do is take your equipment to a shop that is not factory certified and have them mess something up, ruining your warranty and your machinery. We will not only make sure the job is done right but also ensure your warranty coverage remains intact to protect you.

Brands We Carry

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we pride ourselves on offering the best fleet support through meeting all of your maintenance and service needs. But since we know that sometimes service is not enough and sometimes you need a new piece of equipment to be able to get the job done, we are also proud to offer some of the best heavy machinery on the market. We know you have options when you look at heavy equipment dealers near you, which is why we carry the best brands available and provide you with long-term support to keep your business up and running day and night, 24-hours a day.

Here are a couple of the great brands we carry:

Hyundai Construction Equipment

A Hyundai HX235LCR Crawler Excavator is digging in the dirt.

If you are looking to clear an area using an excavator and/or a wheel loader, then Hyundai equipment is a fantastic choice. Hyundai offers a wide range of machines to handle just about any job you might have––so whether you need something truly massive or a compact piece of equipment, Hyundai has you covered. Plus, Hyundai Construction Equipment offers some of the most impressive warranty support in the industry, ensuring that your machinery is protected for years of use.

Some of the heavy equipment offered by Hyundai Construction Equipment includes:

  • Crawler Excavators – These powerful excavators are ideal for handling a wide range of tasks for clearing out debris and digging. Crawler models are designed with heavy treads that make them great for use on uneven terrain, such as for forestry work.
  • Wheeled Excavators – Providing you with a similar level of power, wheeled excavators are better suited for use in cities and urban areas. Their wheels allow them to go on roads and paved parking lots without damaging them, and they can clear an area very effectively.
  • Compact Excavators – These are smaller, compact versions of Hyundai’s popular excavators, available in both crawler and wheeled models. A compact excavator is a great choice if you have somewhat tight quarters you need to use your machinery in, such as among trees or between buildings.
  • Wheel Loaders – A wheel loader is the perfect choice for shoveling and moving large amounts of debris, aggregate material, and other items. Hyundai offers both Z-bar loaders, which give you a tremendous amount of loading power and parallel loaders with improved stability and visibility for the operator.
  • Tandem Drum Rollers – Hyundai’s compaction rollers are impressive, and these tandem models are perfect for handling aggregate terrain. They are powered by fuel-efficient and reliable Deutz diesel engines that we are certified to work on.
  • Single Drum Rollers – If you have soil rather than aggregate material that you need compacted, then a single drum roller is the better choice. These are powered by the same impressive Deutz diesel engines and are available with either a smooth or pad-foot surface on the roller.
  • Breakers – Whether you are mining, building, and maintaining roads, or clearing out rough terrain, powerful breakers are essential for busting through anything you encounter. Hyundai offers a full range of breakers in different sizes and covering operating weights from as low as 253 lbs to well over 10,000 lbs.

Bell Trucks

A Bell B25E Articulated Truck is driving in a construction site.

Although excavators and wheel loaders can do a great job of scooping up materials and moving them over short distances, for longer distances, you need a powerful and reliable truck. Consumer trucks like you have in your driveway are not up to the task, however, whereas Bell Trucks include some of the most impressive and powerful commercial vehicles on the market. These are strong, reliable, articulated trucks that give you the ability to haul a massive amount of material with precise maneuverability to safely navigate any job site.

The current lineup of Bell Trucks has some of the most impressive features we have ever seen, including industry-leading Mercedes-Benz engines and Allison transmissions in every model. These trucks also include six-wheel drive coupled with exhaust brakes to provide controlled descent on steep hills, with an automatic parking brake and hill assist to ensure they will not roll down slopes. Bell Trucks feature limited slip differentials that are optimized for the size and weight of their vehicles, with an A-frame front suspension and hydro-pneumatic struts to ensure rugged off-road capability and user comfort.

One of the most impressive features we have seen on these Bell Trucks is their new [email protected] system, which is designed to keep you, as a business owner or site manager, always aware of what is going on with your machinery. The [email protected] system relays data about machine use directly to you, which you can access on your phone, tablet, or computer to see what is going on. This gives you information that you can use to improve efficiency and boost productivity at a worksite, as well as relays error codes and warns you about user error or machine abuse occurring on-site. You can customize this system and choose how much data you need to receive, allowing you to stay on top of everything that is going on.

The modern lineup of Bell Trucks includes some of the most impressive models we have ever seen, starting with the Bell B20E. This is the perfect choice if you have fairly low-weight needs for your commercial truck, but still want all of the impressive power and performance that Bell has to offer. The Bell B40E falls about in the middle of their current lineup, offering you a max payload rating of about 85,000 lbs––compared to the B20E, which tops out at just under 40,000 lbs. Of course, if you need a tremendous amount of work done, then there is the high-end Bell B60E, which has a payload rating of more than 120,000 lbs.

Bell also offers a pair of track carrier models, which give you a massive amount of carrying potential to haul materials wherever you need them to go. One is a 7-ton model while the other is an 11-ton beauty, so you can choose the right machine for the kind of work you need to do. No matter which you go with, however, you get incredible performance with a truck design that ensures terrific operator control and visibility to keep your job site safe.

Of course, we also offer support and service on many more brands, so no matter what kind of heavy equipment you have, we are here to help. Give us a call to find out more or come visit us to see these impressive pieces of machinery for yourself.

Serving Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Southern New Hampshire

As the heavy equipment dealer near you, we are conveniently located in South Hadley, MA, just off New Ludlow Rd. If you are in South Hadley, you can find us near 33 and 202. We are also easy to reach from all over Massachusetts – we are only a few miles east of I-91 and about five miles north of I-90. So no matter what part of MA you are coming from, we are easy to find.

We also provide heavy machinery for sale and our full range of service and maintenance to areas through Connecticut and southern New Hampshire. If you are in the Hartford area or anywhere else in CT, you can get to us easily by taking I-91 North until you reach Holyoke – we are only a few streets away from I-91 from there. We are also happy to provide heavy machinery for sale and repairs to our customers who come to us from Southern NH. Just hop on I-91 and head south to get to us.

Call or come visit us at Quality Fleet Service today, and we will help you with all of your heavy-machinery needs.