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Factory Authorized on Many Different Brands

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Here at Quality Fleet Service, we pride ourselves on being the heavy equipment dealer in the New England area that can also help you with all of your service and repair needs. Just as much as we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service we can, we’re also committed to being able to work on as many different machines as possible. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time searching “heavy equipment dealers near me” and then needing to go to three different shops to get three different pieces of equipment worked on. That’s why we have factory-trained technicians and service professionals that are authorized to work on many different types of machinery. Our people don’t just know their stuff; they’re also authorized to perform warranty repairs, so you know that our work is covered and that your warranty remains intact. Some of the most popular brands that we are factory-authorized to work on include:


CAT, or Caterpillar, is one of the leading manufacturers of heavy machinery used in all kinds of different trades and industries. Here at Quality Fleet Service, we are factory authorized to offer Truck Engine Parts and Service (TEPS) on CAT engines up to 18L in size. That means we can provide maintenance, service, and repairs on a wide range of CAT engines in many different types of machinery. Whether you bring your CAT to us, or you need us to come to you for on-road service, we are here to help and get your equipment back up and running.


Our factory-certified technicians are trained in how to work on a wide range of DEUTZ engines that power some of the most impressive and important machinery out there. These are complex and powerful engines that you should not trust to someone that has trained to work on consumer vehicles or lawnmowers. Believe us, you don’t want to find out that you put your vital machinery in the hands of someone that has never worked on a DEUTZ engine before. We utilize factory diagnostic software to ensure we figure out exactly what your engine needs and perform the proper work on it.

Isuzu Diesel

As the best heavy equipment dealer near you, we are proud to work on Isuzu diesel engines in a wide range of different sizes. Our trained technicians understand the specific quirks and features of Isuzu diesel engines and know how to care for them properly. We use the best diagnostic equipment and OEM parts whenever possible to ensure your machinery is up and running again quickly. Please note, at this time, we are unable to offer warranty service on Isuzu diesel engines, but we are happy to provide service for engines out of warranty.

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Kohler Diesel

Kohler diesel engines are some of the most powerful and impressive engines in the industry, and they help drive a wide range of different pieces of equipment. No matter what kind of machinery you have with a Kohler diesel engine, including vehicles and generators, we can work on it and offer Kohler factory-trained service. We offer warranty repairs on Kohler diesel engines, so you know it is in good hands. Our work is not only covered by your warranty but will ensure your coverage remains valid for as long as possible. Bring your Kohler diesel engine to us or give us a call for on-road service at your location.


We believe it is important that we can work on the best equipment out there, which is why we are an authorized Perkins dealer. That means we can provide Perkins-certified service and repairs, including warranty repairs on all of your Perkins engines and machinery. This includes any service or maintenance required by your Perkins warranty to ensure it remains covered and in the best condition possible. Most Perkins engines are covered by a 24-month or 3,000-hour warranty, so you might want to check to see if your equipment is still covered before coming to us.


Scania engines are incredibly powerful and certainly not cheap. That means you want to make sure that your machinery with a Scania engine is in the very best hands possible whenever you need service performed. Here at our 15,000 sq.ft. facility near Springfield, MA, we have all the equipment we need to perform factory-backed repairs and maintenance on your Scania engines. We use OEM parts to keep your engine in the best condition possible, and as a heavy equipment dealer near you, we can help you with any new machinery you might need now or in the future.

For us, everything we do is aimed at making your life easier. The reason we are both a dealer and provide expert service is so that you always know where to turn no matter what you need. Whether you are looking to buy new equipment or need to schedule maintenance, call or come visit us at Quality Fleet Service and put us to work for you.

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