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Excavators for Sale

For a wide range of projects and at a lot of job sites, excavators are absolutely essential for getting work done quickly and effectively. From digging trenches or foundations, to clearing out a lot of brush and trees, and moving aggregate materials and demolition debris, an excavator is a fantastic solution to the work ahead of you. Whether you need service for your equipment or you are looking for excavators for sale, we are here to help.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we are incredibly proud of the work we do supporting our commercial customers and seeing their businesses thrive. That includes offering long-term service here at our 15,000 sq.ft. facility and even on-site repairs when emergency work is necessary. We also sell a wide range of construction equipment and machinery, including Hyundai excavators that are built to last and keep working hard for thousands of hours. Come visit us at Quality Fleet Service today to find out more and discover what we can do for your business.

A yellow HW210 wheeled excavator is driving on a highway.

Why Choose a Hyundai Excavator?

Hyundai excavators are not only incredibly well built and backed by some of the best warranties in the industry, but they are also designed to meet your needs. One of the best things about the lineup of Hyundai excavators for sale is that there are so many different models available. No matter what type or style you need, no matter what size you are looking for, there is almost certainly a Hyundai model that will work for you. That makes it easy for you to find something you like and stick with it for years to come; if you ever need something different or larger, then you can find another model that works great and is similar to what you already know.

Your excavator, and any other equipment you buy, is really an investment in your business. The expense is necessary for you to have the tools you need to be able to get any job done. So you want to make sure your investment is protected, and the incredible warranty protection offered by Hyundai is among the best in the industry.

Every Hyundai excavator includes:

  • 3-year or 3,000-hour full machine warranty
  • 5-year or 10,000-hour structural warranty
  • 1-year or 1,500-hour genuine parts warranty

This means you can be confident in your Hyundai excavator lasting a long time. Plus, any time we make replacements while doing repairs, we use Hyundai factory parts whenever possible to ensure they are covered by the genuine parts warranty. And if you want even more protection, an extended warranty is available that offers up to 5 years or 10,000 hours of full machine coverage. Best of all, you can choose this extended warranty at any time as long as your machine is still covered by the original warranty, and not only at the time of purchase.

A yellow R60CR Compact Excavator for sale is loading dirt into the back of a truck near South Hadley, MA.

Types of Excavators

Although there are many different models of excavators available from Hyundai, there are three main types to consider and keep in mind. These are:

Crawler Excavators – These models have large treads rather than wheels on them, much like a powerful tank. These treads give them excellent stability even on slopes and uneven terrain, making them great for use in forestry. The treads can seriously damage paved roads and parking lots, however, so they should not be used on such surfaces.

Wheeled Excavators – As the name suggests, these excavators have standard wheels rather than treads. They can move more quickly than crawler excavators and their wheels will not damage pavement or parking lots, making them ideal for city use. The wheels are not as stable on uneven terrain as the treads on a crawler, however, so they are not a great choice for forestry and similar settings.

Compact Excavators – These are simply smaller versions of the crawler and wheeled excavators available from Hyundai. Since they are smaller, they have a smaller tail swing radius, making them ideal for use at crowded job sites or in urban areas between buildings and other structures. Their smaller size does mean they tend to be weaker and have less range than the larger models.

There may be some unique offerings or different models within these categories available. But as long as you keep these three types in mind, you will be able to find the right excavator that works for your business.

A yellow HX235 LCR excavator is loading a tree stump into a truck.

Uses for Excavators

There are many different ways that excavators can be used, and this flexibility is part of why they are so vital to a lot of businesses. Some of the most common excavator uses include:

Earth Moving – The standard attachment on an excavator is typically a bucket, which is perfectly designed for digging up and moving large amounts of earth. This use is often employed for digging trenches for utilities or setting foundations in construction.

Material Handling – The bucket on an excavator can be used to scoop up aggregate materials like gravel and soil. Clamp attachments can also be used on an excavator to grab onto and move various types of materials, including objects too large for safe and effective moving with a bucket.

Forestry – Because different attachments can be used on an excavator, it is a great fit for use in forestry. Clamp attachments can grab and pull down trees, while shears and mulcher attachments can help clear out large bushes, branches, and other obstructions.

Demolition – With a breaker attachment, an excavator can be used to accomplish many different types of demolition. From breaking through concrete and stone to pulling down walls or destroying other structures, an excavator is a great choice.

Debris Removal – The buckets and clamps on an excavator also allow it to clear out debris after demolition has been performed. This lets you use a single machine to accomplish what would otherwise require many pieces of equipment to get the job done.

If you are still not sure if an excavator is the right equipment for what you need, then let us help.

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