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One of the trucks our fleet maintenance services, a yellow Bell B20E LGP articulated truck, is shown driving through a mud puddle/

Bell Trucks: Protect My Iron

Posted on by Evan Riley
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Bell trucks are among the best in the business, and one of the best choices you can make for your worksite. If you are looking for a heavy truck, Bell’s articulated heavy trucks provide you with the power you need to get the job done. We are proud to offer Bell trucks and feature a fully equipped facility for fleet maintenance and repairs on a wide range of equipment. Articulated trucks are essential to hauling and moving massive amounts of materials, and Bell heavy trucks are among the best on the market. No matter the size of the job, Bell has a model that’s just right for your business. Whether you need to move a massive amount of soil, gravel, concrete, or anything else, Bell’s E Series of trucks has a truck for the job. And now with Protect My Iron, a best-in-class product suite to support the complete Bell Trucks America line, you can’t go wrong with Bell’s heavy trucks.

Bell E Series

With a truck for just about any job, the Bell E Series of trucks starts with a “light duty” model that can handle over 39,000 pounds of payload and has a struck capacity of 11.8 cu.yd. You’re also looking at 664 lb-ft of torque from its powerful Mercedes-Benz engine and Allison transmission. This is the B20E model and is a popular choice. If you need more power, however, there are a lot of options. The next model is the B25E, which ups the payload capacity to almost 53,000 pounds. The B25E has a struck capacity of 15.7 cu.yd. This model is recommended for people who have serious hauling needs as it can handle a great deal more than the B20E. Of course, there are bigger jobs, and so there are bigger trucks. The Bell B30E, for example, can handle an extra 8,000 pounds and has a capacity of 18.3 cu.yd. Torque, for the B30E, is also bumped up to 958 lb-ft.

Most of the E Series trucks feature six wheels, but for the B30E, there is also a four-wheel model, the Bell B30E 4×4. This model has the same overall design and is an articulated truck as well. The only difference is that it has four wheels. It features the same payload and struck capacity as the B30E. Moving up brings much more earthmoving power with the Bell B40E. This model is a great option for a wide range of businesses as it falls right about in the middle of the E Series of Bell trucks. With the B40E, you will find incredible power for any job site. With 86,000 pounds of payload and a massive bin with 25 cu.yd. of struck capacity, you can see why this model is a popular choice. The B40E’s 510 hp and 1,755 lb-ft of torque doesn’t hurt either.

The Bell B45E is another beast, ratcheting up the earthmoving power even more. This is a great option for serious land development. It’s six-cylinder engine displaces up to 523 hp and 1,814 lb-ft of torque. That’s an astounding amount of muscle. The B45E is designed to handle just about anything you throw at it. And with 90,000 pounds of payload capacity, and an even bigger bin, the B45E is a monster on the job site.

When most people think about heavy trucks, they probably think about a one-ton dually towing a horse trailer or a fifth-wheel trailer. It’s likely that most people do not think about a 50-ton truck when they consider heavy trucks, but that’s what the B50E is—a true 50-tonner. This beast can handle over 100,000 pounds of payload and has a struck capacity of 28 cu.yd. It also makes 2,028 lb-ft of torque for incredible power. If you can imagine, however, there is a larger truck—the B60E. This is the largest in the E Series and has more power than most people know what to do with. It’s payload capacity, for example, is a little over 21,000 pounds, which is an unimaginable amount of weight. Its struck capacity is 35.3 cu.yd., so be careful not to get lost in there. With the B60E, you are sure to have enough truck to tackle any job, as its powerful engine produces 577 hp and up to 2,028 lb-ft of torque.

A yellow Bell B45E articulated truck is shown driving on a dirt road near South Hadley, MA.


Bell Trucks America is proud to offer Protect My Iron, a warranty process with online enrollment that helps dealers, such as Quality Fleet Service, automate its overall warranty process. This helps with claims processing and management and is simple to use as it features a web-based portal. This is a great tool and opportunity to provide the heavy equipment dealers and customers with Extended Protection Plans.

All Bell Dealers and customers now have a new option for offering extended warranties on the Bell Trucks that we, at Quality Fleet Service, sell, and this will only further the number of options we are able to offer our customers. The goal is to provide our customers with excellent service as this new tool will help the customer take care of their vehicles during the entire ownership experience. With extended protection plans to safeguard your vehicle, this is a great opportunity to engage with our customers while also offering everything they need to get the job done.

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