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Bell B50E ADT Articulated Truck

Net Power 405 kW (543 hp) @ 1,700 rpm
Operating Weights Unladen Total: 35,675 kg (78,650 lbs)
Laden Total: 81,075 kg (178,740 lbs)
Rated Payload 45,400 kg (100,090 lb)
The Bell B50E ADT Cabin is shown.

One of the best ways to handle moving aggregate materials and debris from demolition is with an Articulated Dump Truck (ADT), and the Bell series of ADT models are among the finest on the market. The Bell B50e ADT is one of the most powerful models they offer, with incredible muscle behind it: a true 50-ton truck that can meet all but the most demanding of needs. With an amazing Mercedes-Benz diesel engine and a 7-speed transmission, the B50e is one of the most powerful trucks available from Bell and a great choice in any construction fleet.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we specialize in meeting the needs of commercial customers that have deadlines to hit and work to get done. Whether you are looking for a new model to help grow your business or need service and maintenance on your existing machinery, we are ready to help. With our massive service center and test pit, we can help you with everything you need and make sure you get your work done right away. Call us at Quality Fleet Service today to see how we can help you succeed. But before you do, here is a little more about the Bell E Series.

The Bell E Series of Trucks

The Bell E Series of trucks are some of the finest ADT models on the market, giving you a tremendous amount of power and fantastic features to help you get your job done. Every truck in the E Series uses a Mercedes-Benz engine with an Allison transmission that makes them easy to operate while still delivering all the power you need. The Bell B50e ADT and other E Series trucks all feature a six-wheel-drive system with an exhaust brake, which helps with descent control on steep inclines and other rough conditions that often arise on a job site.

All of these trucks include an onboard weighing system that provides the truck operator with weight information in real-time, which makes it easier to avoid overloading and ensures safe use. Along with this, you also get terrific safety features on the Bell E Series of trucks, including a rear suspension designed to keep the rear wheels on the ground even during heavy use, along with a safe tip function that prevents the rear bin from lifting if the rear chassis exceeds a pre-set roll value. You can set control limits on these trucks to make sure they are used safely at your job site, and there are automatic parking brakes and hill assist to make them even safer.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the Bell E Series is the [email protected] system that allows you to easily view what is going on with your trucks at all times. This is a computer system that monitors and tracks data from your trucks, then sends that information to you, which you can read and view from a phone, tablet, or computer. This information includes data about load weights, operation hours, and can even alert you to abuse or improper conduct from your truck operator. All of this allows you to keep your eyes on your machinery even if you cannot be at a job site all the time, so you always stay informed.

he Bell B50e ADT

Within the Bell E Series of trucks, the Bell B50e ADT is one of the most powerful models available, with only the B60e offering greater performance. This is a 50-ton truck that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it at your job site, so it is a great choice for getting a lot of work done. It is powered by a 15.6L Mercedes-Benz diesel engine that delivers up to 577 hp and more than 2,000 lb-ft of torque. This comes paired with a 7-speed transmission that offers better performance than previous Bell ADT models and has improved the ratio step between gears.

Performance is the name of the game with the Bell B50e ADT, giving you the muscle you need to handle just about any task. This includes a 28 cu.yd. struck capacity for the bin, with an SAE 2:1 capacity of 36 cu.yd. and an SAE 1:1 capacity of 43 cu.yd. It has an SAE 2:1 capacity with the tailgate of 38 cu.yd. and it is rated for more than 100,000 lbs. of payload, with newly designed tires capable of handling that much weight safely. This is a truly remarkable dump truck that makes moving tremendous amounts of materials or debris easier than ever before.

Engine & Transmission

  1. Make/Model
    Mercedes Benz (MTU) / OM473LA (MTU 6R 1500)
  2. Gross Power
    430 kW (577 hp) @ 1,700 rpm
  3. Net Power
    405 kW (543 hp) @ 1,700 rpm
  4. Gross Torque
    2,750 Nm (2,028 lbft) @ 1,300 rpm
  5. Displacement
    15.6 liters (952
  6. Transmission
    Allison 4800 ORS

Load Capacity

  1. Struck Capacity
    21.5 m³ (28 yd³)
  2. SAE 2:1 Capacity
    27.5 m³ (36 yd³)
  3. SAE 1:1 Capacity
    33 m³ (43 yd³)
  4. SAE 2:1 Capacity with Tailgate
    29 m³ (38 yd³)
  5. Rated Payload
    45,400 kg (100,090 lb)

Dumping System Description: Two double-acting, single stage, dump cylinders

Braking System

  1. Service Brake
    Dual circuit, full hydraulic actuation wet disc brakes on front, middle and rear axles. Wet brake oil is circulated through a filtration and cooling system.
  2. Service Brake – Maximum brake force
    488 kN (109,707 lbf)
  3. Park & Emergency – Maximum brake force
    Spring applied, air released driveline mounted disc
  4. Auxiliary Brake – Total Retardation Power
    Automatic Jacobs Engine Brake®. Automatic retardation through electronic activation of wet brake system.
  5. Maximum brake force
    215.5 kN (48,446 lbf)

Dumping System

  1. Raise Time
    11.5 seconds
  2. Lowering Time
    6 seconds
  3. Tipping Angle
    70 deg standard, or any lower angle programmable

Operating Weights

  1. Unladen - Front
    18,484 kg (40,750 lbs)
  2. Unladen - Middle
    8,648 kg (19,066 lbs)
  3. Unladen - Rear
    8,543 kg (18,834 lbs)
  4. Unladen - Total
    35,675 kg (78,650 lbs)
  5. Laden - Front
    24,204 kg (53,361 lbs)
  6. Laden - Middle
    28,488 kg (62,805 lbs)
  7. Laden - Rear
    28,383 kg (62,574 lbs)
  8. Laden - Total
    81,075 kg (178,740 lbs)

Ground Pressure

  1. Wheels - Radial Earthmover
    875/65 R 29 (29.5 R 25 optional)
  2. 875/65 R29 - Front
    296 kPa (43 Psi)
  3. 875/65 R29 - Mid & Rear
    366 kPa (53 Psi)
  4. 29.5 R 25 - Front
    326 kPa (47 Psi)
  5. 29.5 R 25 - Mid & Rear
    395 kPa (57 Psi)

Quality Fleet Service is Here to Help

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we specialize in meeting the needs of commercial customers such as yourself. We have no interest in working on pickups or cars in someone’s front drive – all we do is maintain and repair powerful machinery like the Bell B50e ADT. That gives us real insight into what your company needs and how we can help you grow and develop for years to come.

With our 15,000 sq.ft. service facility, we are fully equipped to offer long-term maintenance and repair support for everything you need. We have an overhead crane, hydraulic lifts, and much more that allows us to provide you with any kind of service your equipment requires. This lets you get back to work as quickly as possible. And if you cannot come to us, we will come to you with 24/7 emergency service on-road or on-site. No matter where you are, when you need help with your machinery, we are here for you.

We also have a large test pit where you can see some of the powerful equipment we offer go through real-world tests and scenarios. While looking at catalogs and specs can be fine, there is nothing quite like seeing a piece of machinery in action to know if it will really meet your needs. Whether you are looking to get new equipment to grow your fleet, need to replace an old machine, or simply require maintenance to keep things running smoothly, we are here to help.

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