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Bell B45E ADT Articulated Truck

Net Power 369 kW (495 hp) @ 1,700 rpm
Operating Weights Unladen Total: 32,326 kg (71,267 lbs)
Laden Total: 73,326 kg (161,656 lbs)
Rated Payload 41,000 kg (90,390 lb)
The Bell B45E ADT Cabin is shown.

Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT) are some of the best earth and material movers around, giving you plenty of power and bin capacity to handle anything you can throw at them. The Bell Trucks B45E is one of the most powerful models offered by Bell and is a fantastic choice if you need a large ADT that offers incredible overall performance. This is a true beast of a machine that can handle large loads and tens of thousands of pounds of payload weight, giving you everything you need to get your job done.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we are proud to offer the lineup of Bell Trucks, including the incredible E Series that is designed to handle even the toughest jobs. Whether you know just what truck you want, or you still have a lot of questions that need answers before you pick the right model, we are here to help. With our cutting-edge service facility, massive test pit, and factory-trained technicians, we can help you choose the right truck today and keep it running for years to come. Come visit us at Quality Fleet Service and discover everything we can do to help your business grow.

The Bell Trucks B45E

In the Bell E Series of trucks, the B45E is one of the three most powerful options available to you. You might still consider it to be in the middle of the lineup, but it is certainly in the high-end of the middle and is a great option if you want a lot of power, but do not quite need the highest amount of muscle available. The B45E is powered by a 12.8L Mercedes-Benz engine that delivers up to 523 hp and up to 1,814 lb-ft of torque for great overall performance and the ability to handle just about anything you can throw at it.

When it comes to payload, the B45E is rated to handle more than 90,000 lbs, which allows you to haul massive amounts of dirt, rock, or aggregate materials. The bin on the Bell Trucks B45E has a struck capacity of 25.5 cu.yd. and an SAE 2:1 capacity of 33 cu.yd. with an SAE 2:1 capacity with the tailgate of 34 cu.yd. It offers an SAE 1:1 capacity of up to 38 cu.yd., and has a dumping system that can raise the bin in 11 seconds, lower it in 6 seconds, and has a 70-degree standard tipping angle.

Check Out the Bell E Series of Trucks

Overall, the Bell E Series of trucks includes truly exceptional models that give you incredible power and a number of fantastic features, no matter which ADT, in particular, you look at. All of them are powered by Mercedes-Benz engines of varying displacements and provide different amounts of horsepower and torque based on the truck model. They all feature permanent six-wheel drive designed to keep your truck operator in control at all times, with an exhaust brake system that helps with descent control on steep slopes.

The safety features on the Bell E Series of trucks are excellent and designed to keep your operator and everyone else at a job site as safe as possible. These include a safe tip function that prevents lifting of the rear bin if the rear chassis roll exceeds a pre-set value, to help avoid a disaster due to operator error. The rear suspension is designed to keep the rear wheels on the ground during even the most demanding use, and there is an on-board weighing system that keeps the operator informed of the load weight in real-time to avoid overloading.

The [email protected] system may well be the most impressive feature in the Bell E Series, however, providing you with information about your truck at all times. This is a computer system that tracks data about your trucks performance and sends it to you so you can view the information wherever you are: on your phone, tablet, or computer. The information included covers general performance stats, error messages, and it can even report operator error or abuse to warn you about issues that might be happening when you are not at a job site. With the [email protected] system, you can always keep an eye on your equipment and know that it is being used properly.

Engine & Transmission

  1. Make/Model
    Mercedes Benz
  2. Gross Power
    390 kW (523 hp) @ 1,700 rpm
  3. Net Power
    369 kW (495 hp) @ 1,700 rpm
  4. Gross Torque
    2,460 Nm (1,814 lbft) @ 1,300 rpm
  5. Displacement
    12.8 litres (781
  6. Transmission
    Allison model 4700 ORS

Load Capacity

  1. Struck Capacity
    19.5 m³ (25.5 yd³)
  2. SAE 2:1 Capacity
    25 m³ (33 yd³)
  3. SAE 1:1 Capacity
    29.5 m³ (38 yd³)
  4. SAE 2:1 Capacity with Tailgate
    26 m³ (34 yd³)
  5. Rated Payload
    41,000 kg (90,390 lb)

Dumping System

  1. Raise Time
    11 seconds
  2. Lowering Time
    6 seconds
  3. Tipping Angle
    70 deg standard, or any lower angle programmable

Braking System

  1. Service Brake – Maximum brake force
    330 kN (74,187 lbf)
  2. Park & Emergency – Maximum brake force
    218 kN (49,008 lbf)
  3. Auxiliary Brake – Total Retardation Power
    Continuous: 442 kW (593 hp) Maximum: 854 kW (1,145 hp)

Operating Weights

  1. Unladen - Front
    16,984 kg (37,443 lbs)
  2. Unladen - Middle
    7,778 kg (17,148 lbs)
  3. Unladen - Rear
    7,564 kg (16,676 lbs)
  4. Unladen - Total
    32,326 kg (71,267 lbs)
  5. Laden - Front
    22,109 kg (48,742 lbs)
  6. Laden - Middle
    25,715 kg (56,692 lbs)
  7. Laden - Rear
    25,502 kg (56,222 lbs)
  8. Laden - Total
    73,326 kg (161,656 lbs)

Ground Pressure

  1. Wheels - Radial Earthmover
    29.5 R 25 (875/65 R 29 optional)
  2. 29.5 R 25 - Front
    321 kPa (47 Psi)
  3. 29.5 R 25 - Mid & Rear
    370 kPa (54 Psi)
  4. 875/65 R29 - Front
    294 kPa (43 Psi)
  5. 875/65 R29 - Mid & Rear
    331 kPa (48 Psi)

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