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GEM Accessories

To get your job done efficiently, you need to have the right tools at your disposal. Powerful machinery like excavators and loaders are fantastic tools that can help you do your job faster or handle something that would be nearly impossible without such a machine. But you also need to have the right attachments to really get the most out of your equipment. GEM accessories include a wide range of heavy, commercial attachments for machines like excavators, including a large selection of different buckets and forks, so you can get the most out of your equipment.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we will help you find the right equipment and attachments you need to be able to get your job done. Whether you work in construction and need a new bucket to clear out demolition sites faster, or you are in the forestry industry, and you are looking for a few different attachments to clear out areas and handle downed trees effectively, we can help. One of our helpful salespeople can answer all of your questions and make sure you get exactly the right equipment to get the job done, while our expert service staff can help you with repairs, maintenance, and anything else your machinery needs for many years ahead.

Two images show GEM grapple buckets on loaders.

Many Different GEM Accessories to Choose From

One of the things that really set GEM accessories apart from some other options out there is just how diverse their selection of different models is. Looking at bucket attachments, for example, GEM offers nearly 20 different designs for you to choose from, so you can get exactly what you need for your business and your projects. From a standard performance bucket that works well for a wide range of tasks to a grapple bucket or rake to help with debris or roadside clean up, GEM accessories include just about anything you could need. They also have a number of specialized options, including a wood chip bucket designed to handle large amounts of wood chips and a skeleton rock bucket that holds large debris while letting smaller materials filter through.

GEM accessories also include several very specialized attachment options, so if you have had a hard time finding what you need elsewhere, GEM might have you covered. These include a bale spear that is perfect for handling large bales of hay or similar materials, as well as an extendable boom to let you reach further with your machinery. You can also choose a loader rake with available clamps, designed to load up wooden debris with ease and help with clearing out stumps and roots.

If you are looking to turn your loader into a more specialized piece of machinery, then check out some of the fork attachments included in the lineup of GEM accessories. These include car body forks that are perfect for scrap yards and similar sites that need to move vehicles, as well as a fork and spear combo that makes handling bales even easier. Plus, they offer a number of log and lumber forks that are perfect for forestry work where you need to clear out fallen trees or move logs more effectively.

A collage shows a man welding and several GEM Accessories on loaders.

About GEM Accessories

All of these GEM accessories are made by TRM Manufacturing, an American company located in Northeast Ohio. This is an employee-owned company that has been around for quite some time, so they have earned a reputation for quality and durability. These attachments are designed to last a long time, and they are made by people that have dedicated their professional lives to making equipment that helps those in trades get their work done more efficiently.

Impressive Warranty Protection

You can tell a lot about a company and their confidence in their products by the warranty they offer on what they make. When you see a three or six-month warranty on something that is going to take a lot of abuse, then you have to wonder how much faith the people that made it really place in their products. Fortunately, GEM accessories are covered by an impressive warranty that shows you how well their attachments and products are made.

All of the GEM accessories are covered by a 12-month or 2,000-hour warranty that features some of the best product protection in the industry. Since this is an American company, you do not have to worry about long turn-around times for a company to respond from overseas or elsewhere. You know that you can talk to someone right away about any issues you might have with these GEM accessories and get your problem resolved quickly.

As you might expect, this warranty coverage does not include normal wear and tear or typical aging from using such an attachment a lot. Nor does it cover any damage to the equipment caused by misuse or neglect, so it is crucial to ensure the operators of your machinery know what they are doing. Improper conduct with powerful equipment and these kinds of attachments can damage them in a way that voids your warranty coverage and can be potentially dangerous.

Long-Term Support with Quality Fleet Service

Here at Quality Fleet Service, we want to see your business thrive and succeed, so we work hard every day to support you in every way we can. That includes offering terrific machinery and equipment, like GEM accessories, to help grow your business and ensure you can get your job done. Whether you know exactly what you need for your work, or you have a problem and you are hoping to find a solution, we are here to help. We can show you what is available to you and work with you to figure out what kind of equipment will get the job done.

Then, we will continue to support you and your business with all of your service and maintenance needs for many years to come. Here at our 15,000 sq.ft. facility, we are fully equipped to provide any kind of repairs or service you need. With our 10-ton overhead crane and hydraulic lifts, we can work on your equipment easily, using OEM diagnostic equipment to determine what problem might have occurred, and using factory parts to make replacements and repairs whenever needed.

Plus, if you cannot come to us, then we will come to you, with on-road and on-site service whenever you need it. We will do everything we can to reach you on the road or at a site, even in a remote location, to work on your machinery and get it back up and running again. Since we know disaster can strike at the most inopportune time, we even offer 24-hour emergency service to our customers. Rain or shine, night or day, we will come to you or have you come to us for maintenance or repairs and get you back to work right away.

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