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Excavators and other construction equipment are working at a job site near Springfield, MA.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Construction Equipment

Posted on by Greg Wiesen
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We have customers come to us all the time saying they are looking for one thing, but once we find out more about their project, we realize a better option exists for what they need. Construction equipment is certainly not cheap, but it is vital for getting a lot of work done, which means you need to be sure you get the right equipment for your job. While you might not always be able to choose a machine for just one job, if you know what you will typically need it for, then you can narrow down your options. As your newest Hyundai dealer in Springfield, MA, we are proud to offer a wide range of machines and pieces of construction equipment from Hyundai.

Although we are happy to work with you to figure out the perfect option for your needs, it often helps to have a sense of what would work best for you. Consider the following and then contact us to get the construction equipment that will get your job done.

#1 – Start with the Big Picture

This might go without saying, but sometimes getting started is the hardest part, so when trying to determine what construction equipment to get, start with the big picture. Think about what you need to do overall and what will do it best. There are some jobs that could be performed by more than just one type of machine, so it can be easy to pigeonhole yourself into something that isn’t right.

By looking at the whole job you have to do, you can get a better sense of what you need. Even if a big-picture view leaves you with a dozen possible options, that’s still a good place to start. You can eliminate what doesn’t work from there.

#2 – Consider the Ground

A lot of times, the ground where you will be working and the type of material it consists of will dictate what sort of construction equipment you should use. For example, let’s say you need an excavator to clear out some debris, but you’re not sure which one is right for your needs. If you’re working at a jobsite where you won’t need to take your excavator on pavement, then a standard crawler excavator is a good choice.

On the other hand, if you need to have your excavator go on the road, then a wheeled model is the way to go. Similarly, let’s say you need a roller to compact some soil and make a level surface. If you are working with soil or gravel, then a single-drum roller is perfect; but, if you are working on aggregate materials or need to compact asphalt, then a tandem-drum Hyundai roller is a better choice.

A wheeled-excavator is using an attachment to push dirt.

#3 – Consider your Environment

When trying to choose the right construction equipment, you also need to consider the environment in which you will be working. We just talked about what kind of ground you’ll be working on, but what about the condition of that ground? For example, if you need an excavator that can get the job done when positioned on an incline, then a Hyundai crawler model is a better choice than a wheeled excavator because the treads give it better stability.

Similarly, if you need to clear out debris in an urban setting with tight corners, or between trees that are pretty close together, then a compact excavator can be a better choice. Think about the turn radius you will have at your job site – or your typical job site – and make sure you choose construction equipment that will work effectively in those conditions.

#4 – Think about Future Jobs and Options

Thinking about the future when choosing construction equipment is a great way to ensure you have the right machinery today and a few years down the road. While you can’t predict every possible need you’ll have, if you know that you are going to be working on a major project where you need to do a lot of pavement, with hopes for similar work later on, then a tandem-roller could certainly be a good investment.

Similarly, consider how you can use one piece of construction equipment for multiple tasks and jobs, rather than purely for specialized work. An excavator, for example, can have different attachments and buckets placed on its end. So if you know you’ll have widely varying projects coming up, then you can always choose a large excavator now and get different buckets to handle a variety of tasks.

#5 – Make Sure You Take Care of Your Equipment

Finally, as you’re shopping for construction equipment, remember to think of it as an investment, not only in a piece of machinery but in your business. Good equipment can last you a long time and handle a ton of work, ultimately paying for itself in the long run. But you have to take care of it. That means regular maintenance and scheduled service to be sure it remains in good working order with a company that you can trust.

Here at Quality Fleet Service, not only are we a licensed Hyundai dealer, but we are a certified service center, able to perform warranty service and repairs on many different types of construction equipment, including Hyundai, Isuzu Diesel, and CAT.

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